Ms. Basia Alexander: Author, Workshop Leader, Publisher, Nature Communicator, Catalyst for Conscious Co-Creativity, Elemental Collaborator, Gardener, Visionary, Culture-Shifter, The Chief Listener.

I recognized my mission of service to humanity early in life. That set my feet on a path of discovery and skill-building. I have had multiple careers, experimented with many kinds of businesses, and sampled a variety of systems of thought. Everything I've ever done--no matter how off-path it seemed at the time--has contributed in one way or another to the success I am experiencing now.

Basia: "Nothing is ever wasted in life."

So, my life as a symphony or as a tapestry weaves the harmonies and threads together so that I can continue to invent new systems that catalyze transformation in human consciousness.

First and foremost, I am a writer. Yes, I love words. And, sometimes I'm afraid that I sometimes go by the philosophy of "the more words the better." So some of the entries on this website are a bit long. ;-)

But there is a lot to explain because is different--has an unconventional approach.

I like to think of myself as a futurist and a culture-shifter. I do so much enjoy being a thought-leader about healing ecological damage and upgrading people's ideas and beliefs.

I want to attract people who are ready to move's ideas to the forefront.

I hope to
  • inspire people to upgrade their thinking,
  • do new holistic practices with Nature in their backyards,
  • and engage in conversations in their families and communities about co-creating a livable planet in partnership with Nature.

It's all about conscious co-creativity, practical spirituality, health, and the urgency to heal ecological damage.

My Loves...
  • I am a rose-growing aficionado, having made multiple pilgrimages over the years to the David Austin English Roses development center in Albrighton, UK.
  • Loves to cook gourmet vegetarian and pescatarian meals, write, walk in the woods, container-garden, and speak up for trees.
  • And let's not forget anything futuristic and inspiring in the movies. (Guess which are my favorites.)

My Achievements
  • Basia created her own Track II B.A. in Communications at Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin. She is currently pursuing an independent study Master of Manifestation (M.M.) degree in Conscious Co-Creativity for Personal, Environmental, and Cultural (R)evolution.
  • The lure of travel brought Basia into a career as a flight attendant at Trans World Airlines until a union work action. The lure of travel continues.
  • As Training Director for an Apple Computer dealership and as an Adjunct Professor, Basia wrote and delivered Apple Macintosh desktop publishing trainings.
  • The calling to write on spiritual and personal growth topics prompted her to create ReVitalizations™ – a health, creativity coaching, and workshop business.
  • After certifying as a BodyTalk System® practitioner, her love of trees and plants led her to co-found Plant Health Alternatives, LLC with Dr. Jim Conroy in 2002, which has evolved into
  • Basia writes all Tree Whispering® and other manuals and co-teaches with Dr. Conroy.
  • She is co-author of 7 books, among them: Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover’s Guide and Live and Let Live, Enlightened Stewardship.
  • She is also co-creator with her partner Dr. Jim Conroy of the Tree Whispering®, Cooperative BioBalance®, and Eco-Peace Treaty® methods for tree, plant, and ecosystem bioenergy healing.  
  • Using those ecological-energy-medicine systems, Basia travels extensively to do philanthropic work with sick and injured forests to restore their vibrancy.  
  • She is on the faculty of The Omega Institute where she completed co-teaching a workshop in 2019 called Tree Whispering Using Consciousness: A Dimensional Approach to Collaboration with Nature.   The September 25-27, 2020 workshop there is Tree and Climate Whispering: Heal Ecological Damage, Upgrade Human Thinking.
  • Ms. Basia Alexander is co-founder of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance.

What's my Story and Vision?