Since I am the author of almost all of the content on this website, now I have to write something about myself. Hmmm. Much easier to write about someone else. But, I'll have to be courageous.

Personal Background

I was about 5 years old when my mother's tiny patch of garden under the Sugar Maple tree sprouted in a blanket of seedlings. I can see them waving in the wind to this day. I was so small, they seemed big, but they must have only been about a foot tall. "That won't do" and she told my father to rip them out. "Couldn't we plant them somewhere else?" "No." I ran away screaming, not understanding why these little bits of life had to die.

I've been called to plants all my life. Early on, it was houseplants that grew abundantly for me. I still have the same barrel of cactus 35 years later.

As I went from apartment to apartment in my younger years, I never had a patch of land but I always had lettuce or tomatoes in containers. Finally a property owner, I didn't really understand what the landscaper insisted would look good. He was wrong.

2 Fundamental Books

That was my first major lesson about ASKING NATURE for INFORMATION. Now I know that I could have talked with the consciousness of the land, asked it what would be in balance for it, and asked for guidance rather than either taking someone else's advice or doing what my ego thought was best.

I discovered the 2 fundamental books that set me firmly on my path: The Findhorn Garden and Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered. They are on the reading list.

In workshops and meditations during those years, I saw a vision of myself as a midwife to the birth of a new kind of thinking on this planet. But, I wasn't sure how that would play out.

Doing Healing

Fast forward to a turning point in my life about 18 years ago. The latest in a series of jobs and businesses were successful but  unsatisfying. I know that nothing is ever wasted in life that we do, but it was time to do something more true to my spirit.

A blue flier showed up in the mail. You know how fast you can look at something and then throw it in recycling: barely a second. But suddenly I was compelled to fish it out of the bin. It was an invitation to an introductory talk by the founder of a human energy-medicine healing system. I knew I had to go. It turned out to be the stepping stone that brought me and, subsequently, my partner, Jim Conroy, onto this path we are on now for restoring health to trees, plants, ecosystems, and potentially to the planet.

2 Parallel Paths

I realized that doing healings for people with physical ailments directly was not really what I wanted to do.

It would turn out that I walk 2 parallel paths: (1) helping to develop ecological-energy medicine systems for healing sick trees/Nature Beings and (2) seeking to inspire people to use those systems in order to empower themselves and shift the cultural paradigm away from domination and toward partnership. That's the birth of the new consciousness wherein I saw myself assisting.

The Beginning of Partner with Nature

Early on, as Jim and I were developing Tree Whispering and Cooperative BioBalance, I KNEW in my very core that we were talking about PARTNERING WITH NATURE! But initially we had to establish and then expand the ecological energy-medicine systems with annual crops, then trees, then ecosystem members. Now, with the participation of people like you, the work has the potential to address and reverse environmental problems in bioregions and even at the scale of the global biosphere in time.

I have a very positive outlook for the long-term perspective. (I didn't dare say "I have a dream", so I went to the thesaurus for other words.) Perhaps I can paint a picture of the goals, ideals, and innate potentials that I foresee for our Mother Earth and for humanity.

My Visions

First, I foresee humanity awakening! Perhaps better late than never, but I do see an awakening arising from the depths of the "collective unconscious." And I think there will be enough people to get the job done. Margaret Mead said that only about 10% of any population is necessary to transform the culture. And Victor Hugo pointed out that an idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by armies.

Then, I have a firm expectation that more and more people will feel called to do important things for Nature such as doing the Partner With Nature Whispers. They are simple statements--more like affirmations or prayers--that are designed to re-orient and restore the inner, outer, and dimensional health of all Living Beings. And when people do them, they don't feel resigned or helpless any more about the state of their environment.

What One Person Can Do-YOU

I've witnessed people go from a kind of depression into positive action because they connected with the spirit, the soul, of Nature Beings while they were doing Partner With Nature Whispers. They became partners, acting on Nature's behalf. Those people realized just how much (as Bucky Fuller used to say) one little person can do! Yes, don't under-estimate how far the power of your positive intention combined with the Divinely guided Whispers can go! You can make a big difference in a simple and easy way so that you/humanity can survive and you/Nature can thrive.

Yup! That's what I'm all about.

And here's a little video I did a few years ago about my strengths with structure and the evolution of the early work. You'll find out why they call me "The Chief Listener" and about dynamic balance in ecosystems through the philosophy: Live and Let Live. It's the possibility of reversing ecological damage.

Next, find out about her Thought Leadership.