Partnering is Not Controlling and is More than Appreciation

The last 500 or so years of people believing that they were superior to Nature was an arrogance that lead to our many current ecological problems. But now, Nature and people can collaborate as equals—people don’t have to control or dominate Nature.

In fact, the best way out of this global environmental crisis is through establishing equal and respectful relationships with living beings such as trees, plants, the 'wild' animals, insects, and even micro-organisms.

To be a Partner with Nature, of course, you appreciate Nature's living Beings and then you take a step beyond that. You understand that they are complex living systems with cognition and intelligence (according to the most recent scientific definition of a living system and other findings.)

Then, when you remember that you are a Nature Being, too--a mammal--you can make the leap to a new level of thinking. You can live and operate in conscious partnership with Nature’s living Beings so that all Beings of Nature can thrive on this changing planet.  Nature Beings—trees, ecosystem members, the planet, all Life—want to be equal partners with people just like you.