Everybody wins or nobody wins on our fragile planet.

So, please explore PartnerWithNature.org and become a PARTNER WITH NATURE.  

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How do you Partner?

  • COMMUNICATE directly with Nature’s intelligence via non-linear, bio-energy, intuitive methods. You can ask Nature for information.
  • TAKE NATURE’S POINT OF VIEW and make sure She gets what She needs.
  • COLLABORATE—follow Her advice—for a positive future for all: connection and flow, health, balance, satisfaction, and prosperity.
  • Collaborative efforts will result in CO-CREATING wise solutions to local and even global ecological problems.

What Does PartnerWithNature.org Do?

At PartnerWithNature.org, we lead people to PARTNER WITH NATURE using CONSCIOUS COLLABORATION methods such as Tree and Climate Whispering®, BioBalancing®, Green Centrics®, and others.

What Do You Do?

Restoring Nature’s balance is done without products through heart-based and higher-mind techniques such as quiet focus, bio-energy overlap, and energy-medicine—right in your own backyard.

Do-it-yourself with the easy, simple methods such as Tree Whispering® and Climate Whispering that we provide for FREE right here at PartnerWithNature.org.

And, follow or support professional level eco-healing efforts done by Dr. Jim Conroy and graduates of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance’s various courses and workshop.  

Benefits for You

When you engage directly with trees or other Nature Beings to restore ecological wellness, it is a personally healing, empowering, and deeply moving experience.

When you use your consciousness to rejuvenate Nature's living Beings, you help yourself and your world to survive and thrive.

What does PARTNER WITH NATURE stand for?

People can COMMUNICATE with Nature’s living Beings and CO-CREATE a healthy and livable world for all.  

“Partner With Nature” may seem like a bizarre idea or a good idea…but it is the Idea Whose Time Has Come so that humanity may survive and thrive on Earth.  


PartnerWithNature.org is brought to you by Ms. Basia Alexander and Dr. Jim Conroy, co-founders of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance.