Consciously Healing Ecological Damage

It is the mission and the potential of to bring forward healing ecological damage on Earth through the use of direct and focused partnership with Nature, not through products or conventional approaches.

What do we mean by Healing?

Solutions to the climate crisis and environmental issues seem to revolve around reducing emissions, reducing one's carbon footprint, and planting trees. Those are all good ideas and needed. Do those things, for sure.

Usually in the media or from various 'experts', we hear about how bad the ecological crisis is. That is depressing when they only offer the standard solutions: recycle, clean-up, etc. which you already try your best to do. Or, they may talk about what not to do--probably many good ideas there but doesn't that leave you still feeling powerless?

Can ecological damage be healed? YES! And you can begin to do it right in your own back yard.

Whispering is Consciousness in Action

Intentionality is something you do every day. You intend to get out of bed and you do. You intend to go to work or go to a family event, and you do. Intentions live within your consciousness as energy, as promises to yourself or others.

Healing Whispers® are also intentions, they are purposeful ideas that you have within your mind; within your consciousness. They inspire action inside of Nature Beings' physiological functionality and between Nature Beings as they live together in ecosystems.

Some people say that they are kinda-like prayers because they feel that they are appealing to a higher power.

Whispers Go Beyond Positive Thinking

When you do Partner With Nature Whispers, you are actively involved in bringing the energy of thought--mindfulness or consciousness--to both yourself and Nature.

You are engaging in a deep connection with a tree, a plant, an animal, or some other living Being who also has intelligence or sentience. In that overlap of bio-energies and consciousness, information is exchanged. The specific information in the Whispers (please do not alter them in any way) is designed to 'speak' right into their sentience so that they can heal themselves.

And, if you are spiritually inclined, you will immediately understand that the Whispers have been designed with spiritual guidance and are aided by invisible forces.

Many people who have done them feel that when they are offering Whispers to Nature Beings, they are in a kind of spiritual mode.

A Simple Way to Use Your Heart and Mind to Help Nature's Living Beings

What can you do? You can use the Healing Whispers®, which is part of the Tree Whispering Methodology.

Use the Healing Whispers® (which are available as a free gift) and, if you are adventurous, use the 10 Healing Ecological Damage Whispers®. Find those for FREE in the Store menu.

Whispers are intentional messages held in your mind and conveyed from your heart. They empower you and give Nature's living Beings the information and energy that they need in order to begin to heal themselves.

Each Whisper was designed by Dr. Jim Conroy and me (Basia Alexander.)

He's a Master of using his consciousness to heal trees, plants, ecosystems, and large tracts of land from the damage they have sustained from pollution and climate changes.

I created the original set of Whispers in about 2008 and have been developing them ever since. Dr. Jim and I work in partnership to create various Healing Whispers and Climate Whispers.

Each Whisper has within it the information that Nature's living Beings need in order to heal themselves from the inside-out and withstand extremes in climate.

When you focus your intention and your attention on each Whisper--with mindfulness and inner quiet--you facilitate that healing. And since you are also a Being of Nature, you receive a healing too.

Using Whispers

Trees, plants, and ecosystems are very sick everywhere. Pollution, climate changes, and human interferences have taken a toll on Nature Beings' health. Trees may look green, but look closer. They are not healthy. And you already know about how many species of bees, animals, and others are in danger.

So, use these Whispers regularly and often. We give them to you as a gift.

If at any point you do not feel comfortable about doing them, or your feelings or thought are unpleasant in any way, stop immediately. Don't do anything that you feel is unpleasant or harmful.

You may share them, but please do not change them in any way or you will alter the energy patterns within them. Please credit Dr. Conroy and me as their authors; it's only fair. Please send your friends and others here to

You might ask a tree or plant in your backyard or in a local public park to be a volunteer--to be a beacon. You can focus your attention on that Being while you do the Whispers.

When you do these Whispers, leave yourself :10 to :15 minutes of peace and quiet so that you can focus and enjoy the connection you make with the volunteer, the beacon.

In a mindful, purposeful, and kind way, read each Whisper slowly. Pause between them to consider the depth of their meaning.

You may even find that your Nature Being volunteer/beacon sends a message to you through your intuition, your sensory feelings, through your consciousness. Nature Beings want to communicate with humans, want to collaborate, want to co-create a livable world for all.

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