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  • Climate Whispering
  • Strengthen Forests by Walking
  • Leave Leaves
  • Botany In Balance
  • The Beacon Network (Peace Pipe Global Network Pattern)  

A WEBSITE that is highly attractive to our tribe and is the focal point for leading edge work that forwards the paradigm shift to collaborating with Nature.  

People can learn a variety of ways that they can Partner with Nature on the site: Find awe-inspiring, practical, spiritual, environmental, family-oriented, holistic, or galvanizing activities.  If they are interested, people can make progress on a suggested path of activities or join with others in like-hearted community.  

Also, the stories of Dr. Jim’s and Basia’s development and success with their bioenergy-based methodologies make for fascinating reading.  serves the growing community of people who want to shift their approach to Nature  toward partnership. People seek partnership with Nature so that they and all Beings on Earth can mutually survive, strengthen each other, and thrive.

Climate Whispering

A grass-roots movement wherein participants use the practice of offering pre-set intentional messages from their hearts to the Living Beings of Nature as well as to Earth/Gaia so as to mitigate the negative effects of climate change.

Inspiring tree-loving people to self-fulfillment, holistic pro-action, tree advocacy, eco-spirituality, and creative thinking so that all living Beings—including people—can be healthy and have a continuously renewable future.

Forest Restoring Walks

This is a step beyond the popular practices of Forest Bathing or just going for a rejuvenating walk or hike.  

Forest Restoring asks people to give back to Nature.  

People can help trees, plants, and forests to regain health and strength through simple, easy “whispering” processes that they can do while they walk, “bathe”, or hike in a park or forest.

We are beginning to train people to be leaders of  Forest Restoring Walks and meetings.

Leave Leaves

A simple thing such as leaving the leaves under trees’ drip-lines to over-winter and decay will help trees avoid the stress of snow and ice. When landscapers blow them away—thinking that they are ‘cleaning up’—they do immeasurable damage to the whole ecosystem.   We strongly recommend using a shredder to make the leaf pieces tiny so that they make a warm but permeable covering for the soil under trees.  The photo above shows good practices.

Botany in Balance

Tree care and landscape professionals will benefit from this initiative by learning how the principles and practices involved in Partnering with Nature can benefit their businesses.

The Beacon Network  (Formerly the Peace Pipe Global Network Pattern)

Originated during research studies in Colorado, now the Beacon Network is a world-wide grid or web of trees and ecosystems which have received bioenergy care and consciousness interactions with any of Dr. Jim’s and Basia’s methodologies.   The image above shows our intention that all of the land masses and oceans eventually will be a part of the Beacon Network.  

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