The Institute for Cooperative BioBalance Has These Guiding Principles:

Everything is Connected—or should be connected in coherently linked feedback patterns at all levels and in all dimensions in order for life forms to be healthy.
Killing is Obsolete Because Co-Existence Works.  In other words, the human desire to control and manipulate Nature’s living systems doesn’t work any more.  Consciously cooperative communication and co-existence with all of Nature’s Living Beings is possible.

Its Mission for People WITH Nature:  

People WITH Nature

The Institute is A LEADER IN generating a paradigm shift among people and organizations to firmly establish the MINDSET of coming from Nature’s living being’s point of view and reinforce the PRACTICES of collaborating as co-creative partners with living Beings and with Nature’s forces; we call this PARTNERING WITH NATURE.   The skills of coming from another’s point of view and our unique approach to enlightened stewardship are ideas and methods that the Institute offers to its tribe through communications and classes.  New kinds of holistic, respectful, and sustainable processes become widespread and normal on Earth.  

Its Mission for Nature INCLUDING People:  

Nature INCLUDING People

The Institute is UNIQUELY AT CAUSE through bioenergy and consciousness methodologies in reconnecting, healing, and restoring peaceful coherence among all Living Beings and Conscious Forms so that Nature’s healthy, dynamic balance can be restored on Earth. (Living Beings include microorganisms, plants, animals, and humans.  Conscious Forms include rocks, inanimate structures, and technological tools.)  Conscious, transformative, holistic, and co-creative methods are employed; no products are used whatsoever.  Reappearance of native life and natural habitats occurs in such revived ecosystems.

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