The Chief Listener

That's me. How did I ever get such a moniker?

Well, sometimes in a corporate meeting during tough negotiations, each party will informally assign one member to just listen. They are the "Chief Listener" in the meeting. That assures accuracy later when everyone's point of view and naturally human faulty memory steps in.

I was never employed by a big corporation. But I do have good listening skills. And I have improved those skills in time.

The Chief Listener to Dr. Jim

In the early days of our business--around 2003 through 2005--Dr. Jim would go to an organic farm to try out different approaches in the energy-medicine for plants that he was developing. We called it Green Centrics. Both of us were originally inspired by a wonderful system for human energy medicine called The BodyTalk System.

However, it really didn't apply to trees and plants. Dr. Jim had to learn how to come from the trees' and plants' point of view.

But he would return to the office with stories and questions. I would listen.

It was in my deep listening that new ideas, insights, distinctions, and understandings would arise. We would discuss these and then the next day he would go out and try them.

We don't have any photos of the 2 of us from those days, but above is a good shot of me listening and tracking his healing work. Then, we talk about it.

The Chief Listener to Nature

Without bragging, I have a pretty good awareness of my intuitive connection to Nature.

Every person has a gift of a predominant sense: sight, hearing, smelling, feeling, knowing. Sometimes people have two very keen senses.

Mine are hearing and seeing.

So, when I am with a tree or other Nature Being, I enjoy a bioenergy overlap. Really, that just means that I'm physically close to the Being. The bioenergy field overlap happens without having to do anything it all. It's automatic because every Being radiates a bioenergy field. When you're close, the fields overlap.

And, my senses go on high alert. I open my mind and heart. I let go of all the clutter from the day and let go of my self-judgements about "I can't."

Anyone--yes, even you--can do that.

In that open space, I listen.

Sometimes I hear surrounding sounds with my physical ears.

Sometimes I hear the messages that the trees and Nature have for me or for humanity.

Anyone--yes, even you--can do that.

Then, I try to have something with me--paper or ipad--to write it down.

Nature Beings REALLY WANT to communicate with us. They have much wisdom for us, much advice for how to handle the current ecological crisis.

They also need our help. Most trees and others in Nature are stressed or sick from pollution and the extremes of climate change.

By listening first, we can help them.

And, we here at provide a simple and easy method you can use to help them: Whispering®. Get the Healing Whispers and Climate Whispers for FREE.

The Chief Listener's Translations

So, my skills improved over time. Listening skills. Trust and faith. And skills of receiving.

Now, I sometimes go to a big tree, an important tree, an historic tree, and ask it about its life.

I am able to type what I hear just like taking dictation. But I call it Translating because what really happens for me is this: the tree's consciousness and bioenergy hold both vibrations and images--not human words. I don't know how they do it, but somehow, they ratchet down their vibrations to human levels of perception. My own perceptive abilities raise up. In that overlap, I perceive what they want to communicate and somehow it gets translated into words.

Sometimes it comes so fast, my sprightly typing fingers just can't keep up. Sometimes it comes in pictures that I have to interpret.

And it's always fun!

Nature Beings such as trees are really quite above our human concerns. They don't have human-type emotions but they do understand emotional expression. So, they don't suffer with anxiety or pain the way some people do. And, they have a wonderful sense of humor.

I will share some of translations in Blog entries...

Here's the lesson from Trelanya, a sentient Coastal Live Oak in the San Fransisco Bay area.

Watch for more blog entries....