I'd like to tell you the story of how it all got started.

We started teaching at the Omega Institute in 2005. Over the first few years we taught there, one of the executives  took an interest in our work. His advice: "Write a book!"

Ah, but that's easy to say. What did it take to write that first book?

2005 to 2010: The Long Road to Publishing

We started this endeavor in 2003. When we first started teaching at Omega Institute in 2005 and got that good advice, we decided to lay the foundation slowly. We wanted to able to write a really meaningful book about having a new kind of affinity with trees, plants, and other Nature Beings. We took the long road to be sure we had something really good to say.

It was all based originally on the idea that trees and plants are alive. And we wanted to be taken seriously. In the early 2000's, there was still a prevailing attitude in the culture if a person "talked" with trees, then they were crazy.

Now all that has changed, but we had to make the case for it then. So, I started doing a lot of research into the new sciences. For example, we had to point out that since
Nature beings have an innate intelligence that has evolved over the
course of at least 2 billion years on planet Earth (She is over 4
billions years old), there is a kind of sentience or consciousness
there. And where there is consciousness, there is the possibility of communication.

Also, during that 5 year timeframe, we wanted to talk with a lot of people to see how they would react. So we did a lot of trade shows and public shows such as garden and craft shows. That naturally lead to giving introductory talks and teaching classes. We wanted to introduce people to the
amazing experience with trees and plants of bioenergy field overlap,
feeling a sense of knowing about a tree's life, and even joining in
spiritual connection. 

We prepared for book-writing by talking with at lot of people at garden shows and tree care trade shows.

We did a lot of introductory talks at adult schools, metaphysical centers, garden centers, festivals, trade shows, ecological meetings, and more.

We taught introductions and short classes as well as the workshop every year at the Omega Institute.

All because we wanted to introduce people to the amazing experience of connecting in bioenergy overlap and in spirit with a tree so that we could write about it. We lead people through guided visualization exercises and meditations to have the Tree Whispering Experience!

At the same time, Dr. Jim Conroy was still standing next to trees on people's properties and sitting on his little chair in farm fields developing the early methodologies for increasing tree health: Green Centrics® and Tree Whispering®. Having a solid system in place with good results was crutial to accuracy in the forthcoming books.

And of course, life happened for Dr. Jim and me. During those 5 years, we each lost parents, overcame various obstacles, traveled, did research, attended personal and self-improvement events, and continued with our business to kept food on the table. These are still exciting times!

Then, in Autumn of 2010, We Started Writing

Our goal was to have the book done by June of 2011, when we were invited back to teach another year at the Omega Institute.

We stopped doing almost everything else. There is only one photo during early writing.  I wanted to keep in mind who we were writing for--our tribe--you!! So I printed photo collages of all of our students up until then and sat at my wonderful big computer monitor with those pictures all around me. Dr. Jim and I went through outlining, and more outlining, writing, and re-writing, reading aloud from the computer screen, and going back to square one on several chapters.

We took smart people's advice and found a wonderful editor, Melissa Atkin. We met with her at a cafe where she very kindly and courageously explained what worked and didn't work in our writing. Hence, going back to square one with a couple of chapters. I felt like I was back in school, but with the most wonderful teacher. Eventually, she gave us the go-ahead! I've never been more relieved.

But that wasn't the only thing. We had to have a front cover photo and smiling photos of us for the back cover. After looking through thousands of pictures, we found the right one for the front cover, except I had to do a lot of Photoshop work to get it right. Then we needed the inset photo of our hands in a heart-shape. We wanted to show a love for trees!

Photos that DIDN'T make the cut.

Going to Print

The timing was tight. The printer's schedule would just barely, maybe, hopefully, keep-your-fingers-crossed, breathe--be able to deliver at least one box of completed books to the Omega Institute on the day we started teaching in June. The rest of the books would be delivered to our office the following week. Sending the computer file to the printing company was an exercise in technological legerdemain. In other words, it was tricky and time consuming to get that final pdf uploaded to their servers. That was a nightmare I did not want to go through again.

Of course, we needed to create a "DBA" for our existing business so that we could create the Plant Kingdom Communications Publishing company (logo and imprint at the top of this page.) That took some doing! But once we got that, we could write the check to the printing company so that 1,000 beautiful copies could be delivered. Oh, where were we going to store them? We found a storage area. But luckilly, we didn't have to store them for long, they sold really well through the printer's connections and through the shows and classes we did. But I am getting ahead of myself.

And, (drumroll) Ta-Da!!!!!

The books were delivered just in time to the Omega bookstore and we had them for our workshop.

Moments after opening the box in the back room!!!

Here's the display in the very center of the bookstore!

Now, we hope you will enjoy Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover's Guide

And then, 6 more books came along in the next few years. Please take a look at them in the Store.