Tree Whispering® = Enjoying Helping Trees envisions a world where people respect all living Beings of Nature, learn to understand what their lives are like, and act in conscious collaboration with them for mutual benefits such as surviving and thriving on a cooler Earth.

Tree Whispering® is an approach to Partnering With Nature. 

It begins as a personal experience of appreciation and interacting with the Life Force of trees and plants. It means enjoying a sense of connection with a tree or other Nature Being and feeling as if you can come from its point of view.  It’s a chance to step inside their world.  In other words, it’s looking at life by feeling as if you are in their roots, in their skins, or in their wings.

Tree Whispering doesn’t mean whispering with one's voice, necessarily.  The non-verbal communication begins with expanding intuition and opening the heart.  

No products are involved in this technology.  It is based on energy-medicine techniques and new science approaches including including the science of living systems, intentional use of consciousness, evolutionary biology, heartmath research, and quantum physics.

Healing Whispers®

Healing Whispers are intentional message given from the heart that save trees and empower people.

When Tree Whispering, you learn practical activities and simple bioenergy healing techniques called "Healing Whispers" and "Climate Whispers" which are done quietly in partnership with trees and plants. When you help another living Being, you often feel good in body, mind, and Spirit. 

The simplest Healing Whispers are a set of 5 sentences that can be used while hiking in the woods or while taking your pet for a walk. they are available for FREE on the Home Page at the Tell Me More Button or in the Store.

Put the Whispers postcard right where you can get it before going for a walk!

The next method is Climate Whispering!