Phytophthora or "Bleeding Canker"... a fungal organism that normally lives in soil everywhere. When a tree becomes sickly or weak, the organism often moves up onto the bark. Typically, the organism blocks the flow of fuilds. A healthy tree will not attract the organism onto its bark.

Conventional approaches use chemicals to kill the organism but do not recognize that those same chemicals add further stress to the inner functionality of the tree. Application of  fertilizer may also further stress the tree because of blocked circulation system.

BioEnergy treatments such as Green Centrics™ and Cooperative BioBalance® methodoligies do not further stress the tree while providing an informational path for the tree regain health on its own.

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  • Fair Haven, NJ, Copper Beech with Bleeding Canker
  • Red Hook, NY, Birch Tree Regains Health
  • Live Oak Tree in Bay Area, California Recovers from Spots
  • Tarrytown Copper Beech Tree Recovers, the Phytophthora moves to harmless position
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Fair Haven, NJ, Copper Beech with Bleeding Canker

Bleeding Canker Spot Clearing over several years.
Copper Beech in Spring; bright red leaves. This magnificent tree is 5 stories tall, other trees show green around it.

After a very wet autumn in 2007, the tree suddenly showed a bleeding canker, evidence of Phytophthora disease.  Dr. Conroy's hands-on, bioenergy healing treatments rejuvenated the tree's inner health.  With better functionality inside of the tree, the disease naturally began coming into dynamic balance with the tree.

By the next spring, the spot was naturally clearing.  By summer, the spot was hard to see.  The Tree Whispering® and Green Centrics® systems developed by Dr. Jim Conroy improve the inner functionality.  Inner healing occurs when a plant's or tree's inner parts, systems, and the aggregate of inner processes are bioenergeticly transformed and imprinted with new and healthy patterns of operation.  It's like plugging in a lamp:  you don't see the electricity flow but the light comes on!  

In subsequent years, the spot was entirely gone.

Dr. Jim co-created an agreement between this amazing Copper Beech and the Phytophthora organisms. This work was a very early version of an EcoPeace Treaty, but we weren't calling these agreements in consciousness by that name yet. Read about the genesis of EcoPeace Treaties in our book Live and Let Live: How Multidimensional Collaboration Heals Ecosystems.

Red Hook, NY, Birch Tree Regains Health

Phytophthora on a Birch tree clears as the tree regains health.

By 2011, we named the agreements in consciousness "EcoPeace Treaties." Dr. Conroy worked with this wonderful old Birch tree in upstate New York to develop the three-way agreement process. The homeowner supported this work at every step.

Live Oak Tree in Bay Area, California Recovers from Spots

Phytophthora Spots on roots start out bright red, clear to grey, then disappear.

By 2014, Dr. Jim was perfecting the EcoPeace Treaty process. Trees are on "tree-time." In other words, it can take some years for a tree to respond to Green Centrics and Cooperative BioBalance® bioenergy treatments in order to regain its internal health. While it uses the new information patterns to become more healthy, it develops a different relationship with the organism. Supported by the insights of Dr. Jim's consciousness, the 2 living beings work out ways that they can co-exist--even support each other.  

Since this tree is all the way across the country from Dr. Jim's and my headquarters, the property owner took photos that showed wonderful new leafing-out on the tree she calls "Delilah." The tree is still somewhat weak from years of California drought and from the neighbor's poor landscaping choice. The tree is on the property line; the neighbor chose to add 6-8 inches of fill over this tree's roots in order to do plantings of his own.  This nearly cost Live Oak Tree "Delilah" her life. Because of bad relations, the soil could not be removed. But, Dr. Jim's bioenergy work and the EcoPeace Treaty with the organisms have saved the tree.

Tarrytown Copper Beech Tree Recovers, the Phytophthora moves to harmless position

Tarrytown, NY, Copper Beech Tree

Dr. Jim Conroy started an EcoPeace Treaty on this glorious 5-story tall Beech tree in 2014. Phytophthora organisms--called "bleeding canker" were already hurting the tree. Over the next few years, the red 'bleeding' appearance dissipated. All that is left is some grey discoloration of the bark.

In the EcoPeace Treaty, the Phytophthora organism offered to move into the soil where it can easily live on root exudates. As a part of recovering its health, the tree offered to send more exudates (liquids) out of its roots into the soil zone around the roots so that the organism could feed on that. The organism agreed NOT to hurt the roots. The responsible people on the property agreed NOT to use chemicals, to respoect the organism, and to love the tree. The two organisms can successfully co-exist this way.

Research Studies Table of Contents