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  • Online Introductions and short videos - both free and at nominal cost.
  • Books, written materials, downloadable PDFs, and e-books
  • Learning Experiences such as classes and webinars
  • We give talks, either live on online
  • Special events that come up periodically

Online introductions and short videos - both free and at nominal cost

These women are enjoying one of our online introductions while they are with their favorite trees. In fact, that's the BEST way to have the experiences that are included in the short introductions.

Short videos are available any time you want to watch one. I lead the guided visualization experiences and I try to keep them down to about 10 minutes.

You can always watch on your phone while you are out in Nature, too... and follow the directions to touch a tree or breathe or relax.

This is the best way for beginning Partners with Nature to get started.

Books, written materials, downloadable PDFs, and e-books

We've written 7 books so far. This photo shows us at a bookstore with the display of all 7 of them.

Each of these links goes to our store at PlantKingdomCommunications.com

  1. Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover's Guide
  2. Tree Whispering: Trust the Path Notebook and Journal
  3. The Tree Whisperer's 10 Tree and Plant Insights
  4. People Saving Their Trees in Hurricane Sandy
  5. Messages from Trees Coloring and Activity Book for the Young and Young-at-Heart
  6. Live and Let Live: How Multidimensional Collaboration Heals Ecosystems
  7. Live and Let Live: Enlightened Stewardship

Healing Whispers are written right in many posts or are downloadable PDFs and are always FREE.

Climate Whispers are also written out or available as downloadable PDFs. They are always FREE at our sister website: www.ClimateWhispering.org.

We also put together various educational materials which we usually make available for FREE.

We haven't quite put together e-books yet...but we're working on it.

Learning Experiences such as classes and webinars

We love to teach.

We live to teach.

In 2020, we learned to teach online. And it was a great success. Students were able to attend from all over the world. But the truth is, we would rather teach a live class.

We've had the good fortune to be on faculty at the OMEGA Institute, teaching yearly workshops there since 2005.

If you are interested in any of these introductions, classes or workshops, please use this "Join Now" button to get announcements or Contact Us by email.

Offerings (online or live) that we schedule periodically may include these titles:
  • Be a Nature Communicator™: Communicate with Nature's Deep Intelligence
  • Be a 1st Responder for Nature Recovery
  • Tree Whispering: Enjoying Helping Trees
  • Mutual Healing with Nature
  • Earth Day: Whispering for a Livable Planet
  • Climate Whispering: Heal Ecological Damage, Upgrade Human Thinking
  • Green Centrics: Becoming Whole

We Give Talks - either live or online

Have an organization that needs a speaker? Do you already offer classes and would like guest speakers?

In the last 18 years, we've given hundreds of talks, some in fancy hotel ballrooms, others while sitting on bales of hay and everything in between.

If you are interested in any of these talks, please use this "Join Now" button to get announcements or Contact Us by email.

Potential topics for talks (online or live):
  • Top 10 Ways to be a Partner With Nature
  • Climate Whispering to Restore a Livable Planet
  • Partnering with Nature means the 3 C's
  • The Experiential Art of Healing Trees
  • Everybody Wins with CoExistence in Nature
  • The Tree Whisperer's 10 Tree and Plant Insights
  • Let's Rejuvenate Nature: How Healing Ecological Damage Works
  • Mutual Healing with Your Favorite Tree

Special Events Come up Periodically

These are just a few of the many special events that we do. Sometimes the event is a class. Sometimes it's an emergency treatment for trees that are in trouble. Sometimes we have a display table at a fair or convention. They are all opportunities for us to spread the word about our work.

An impromptu gathering came up in Montecito, CA, in the summer after the mud slides ... that occurred after the Thomas Fire. A wonderful group of people came to help the trees deal with their plight.

In the "debris flow" as a mud slide is called now, these very old and venerable Coastal Live Oaks were buried at least 6 feet of debris that came down off of the mountains where the fire burned. For any tree, roots covered in more than 1-2 INCHES of soil will be at risk of death because their roots can't breathe and are smothered.

After the heavy machinery took off the majority of boulders and the 5 feet of mud, local people--The Bucket Brigade--dug the tree's roots out by hand. We are so grateful for their hard work and caring.

But that's not all. See the boulders that we are sitting in between? Those were more like pebbles compared to the RV-size boulders that came down the mountain and hit all of these trees. It took the Army Corp of Engineers with their machines to remove those massive boulders.

So the trees were in the equivalent of "tree-shock" and couldn't resume growing. All of their inner functions were effectively halted. It's as if the trees were standing like statues, unable to move. This group gathered to provide energy-healing and to do the Recovery Whispers for the trees.

A year later, another group gathered again to help the trees recover. Trees are on "tree-time" and don't just get better overnight. The trees needed this extra boost of energy and attention to begin to grow again after the extreme event.

This gathering was called "Triple Network" and was designed to use the trees on this 200 acre property as a kind of a 'transmitter" of energy.

What were the 3 networks?

  1. The large property is a whole ecosystem. They work like networks.
  2. The group of people became a human network of energy
  3. The people scattered around the 200 acres but were connected to each other by their cell phones' networks by calling in to a conference line.

It worked beautifully. I lead a meditative experience to unify the people and the land. Dr. Jim lead a healing experience. The combined power of the group made the healing process even more effective for the trees and the land.

Kathryn Greene, owner of the Greene Art Gallery in Guilford, CT, asked us to lead an introduction to Tree Whispering. She is a real hero tree protector!

The group gathered around each of the trees on the property, among the fabulous kinetic art sculptures. Every had a wonderful time on that beautiful day.

If you are interested in any of these special events, please use this "Join Now" button to get announcements or Contact Us by email.