Mutual Healing and
Climate Protections

BioBalia Nature InterPlay™'s goals are always

mutual healing between trees and people,

and protection for all from the damaging effects of climate extremes

so that the condition of BioBalia --Biology in Balanced Wholeness-- can arise.

When you partner with Nature, it is a healing experience for you and it is healing for trees, plants, and all of Nature.

First of all, we acknowledge that trees and plants of every kind are alive and spirited beings with a deep intelligence and wisdom. We like to say "Trees are people, too."

And, most of them all over the world are stressed, sick, or in decline because of climate extremes such as drought, flooding, fires, untimely temperature shifts either daily or seasonally, strong storms, high winds, and more. Just because a tree looks green doesn't mean that it's healthy. All "green beings" everywhere need to have their inner functionality and interconnectivity restored. But conventional tree-care approaches can't do that.

People everywhere are stressed and impacted by the effects of climate extremes, too. We all need healing. But conventional medical approaches are not always effective.

Go to to find out more about the heart's bioenergy field and how 2 can overlap.

What kind of complementary healing is possible?

It's "Energy-Medicine Healing."  Huh?

The practitioners of various kinds of energy medicine believe that illness does not necessarily come from an organism, although it may, but that illness also results from stress, disconnection, and disharmony within the body.  They believe that the body has its own Life Energy that keeps all systems and functions going, and it has fields of bioenergy surrounding it. Further, they believe that bad health can be improved by a practitioner interacting with the client using "energy" to restore functionality to the body's internal systems and energy fields.

Various kinds of energy medicine for humans each have their own particular way of taking action in the body's energy field. But generally speaking, there is an overlap of the practitioner's bioenergy or consciousness with the bioenergy or consciousness of the patient.  That's the simple way of saying it, anyway.

Go to to find out more about scientific studies in consciousness.

Generally, human energy medicine practitioners use their consciousness—and sometimes hands-on bioenergy methods—to release old patterns and provide new, healthy patterns of energy or of information so that the client’s body, mind, and spirit can regain health and well-being.  

Holistic Methods for Nature: BioBalia Nature InterPlay™

Dr. Jim Conroy and I were inspired by healing systems for humans so we created bioenergy-based and consciousness-based methodologies for trees, plants, and other Nature Beings.  Generally, we call our healing-type efforts "BioBalia Nature InterPlay."

In climate extreme conditions, Green Beings are often stressed, sick, or in decline, so they have dysfunctional inner systems. And, just like people, when they are sick, they can't restore proper inner balance and functionality by themselves. They need a bioenergy and consciousness "tune-up." The InterPlay occurs via consciousness-to-consciousness sharing of information that is highly collaborative between Dr. Jim Conroy and the particular Green Being--whether it be an individual tree, or plant or a whole field of crops, or a forest ecosystem.

In other words, Dr. Jim and the Green Beings have a "talk" and work out a path to healing in a step-by-step way. The stressed-sick-or-declining Green Being gives Dr. Jim insight into what inner functionality isn't healthy, then the two of them work out the healing steps that the Green Being can initiate in its own inner systems in order to heal itself.

For example, if a tree's circulation has blockages in the system (like people having blocked veins or arteries) due to extreme summer heat or perhaps due to untimely fluctuations in temperature, it's first step to health might be to make more food in the leaves through photosynthesis.

Why? Because the carbohydrates it makes in photosynthesis break down into chemical energy that makes the circulation go stronger and faster. With stronger, faster circulation of fluids in its "tubes" (xylem and phloem) the movement of fluids can dissolve or blast out the blockages.

Then, the healing steps that follow could be that food can be distributed throughout the structure of the tree in order to grow more "tubes" to augment the ones that had blockages. Then the tree can circulate more food to roots and leaves or leaf-buds in order to grow them, too.

It's an elegant approach, with every part and system orchestrated in balance and in sync. It all gets kick-started in the overlap of bioenergy and consciousness that Dr. Jim and the Green Being share in mutual collaboration. There are not products or invasive techniques involved. It's all similar to energy medicine healing methods that are effective in human complementary healing approaches.

If you want to see the results of the ways Dr. Jim Conroy and I, Basia Alexander, have developed for Interplay with Nature the BioBalia way, you can go to Dr. Jim Conroy's website, You can also see some of his research, insights, and results here.

Mutual Healing between Nature and People

Sure, it feels good and 'healing' to take a walk in the woods. But, given that climate extremes are causing stress, sickness, and decline in so many trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems, it becomes more and more important for people to not just "take from" but also "give back" to Nature. And the best way to do that is through our approach to MUTUAL HEALING.

Interplay with Nature the BioBalia way is an experience of kinship, mindfulness, and cooperation with the Spirits of Nature's living Beings. It's a renewing and restorative experience for the person doing our various methods. At the same time, the tree, plant, crops, forest, or ecosystem receives physiologically correct and scientifically based information through its consciousness that it can use to heal itself and protect itself from the damaging effects of climate extremes. That's why we call it MUTUAL HEALING.

I must emphasize the importance of the experience being MUTUAL.  There has been far too much “me-me-me” in the modern culture.  So, all of the information at this website and classes at our school include a give-and-take with trees and plants of every kind.  We provide the human participants with information and patterns of health that they can speak, feel, visualize, and convey TO the tree to help it to grow and thrive.  It’s always a two-way street.  Then, we ask the Green Beings to do what they do naturally with such generosity: heal us their way.

Partnering with a tree (or any Being of Nature) includes having some practical understanding of it, but partnering flows from the shared experience of LIFE Force with it.  When a person and a living being have a CONNECTED exchange, then COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION, AND CO-CREATION with all of Nature become possible.   

Recent Innovations for Climate Protection during Extreme Conditions

Trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems are becoming stressed, sick, and even decline as climate extremes continue. Warnings by climate scientists are grim.

Dr. Jim Conroy and I, Basia Alexander, are always looking for ways to improve the BioBalia Nature InterPlay™ (healing interactions in consciousness that promote health and wholeness) that we have with the Green Beings. So, we started having "talks" with them about what their lives are like in climate extremes. The deep intelligence in Nature and our own Spirit guides "told" us through our intuitive connections that trees, plants, crops, and forests could withstand the damaging effects of climate changes by ramping up the inner functionality of various systems. But they added that specific Green Beings all over the planet had never done such a thing in their relatively short lifetimes. The trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems alive today hadn't been able to evolve over eons to to ramp up their inner functionality of systems to withstand climate extremes. They would have to face climate extremes in a short flash of time in order to survive. Many haven't been able to survive.

Warning: Reading this next explanation might take your breath away because it is not based in the standard ideas or methods used in current culture. We hope you have an open mind.

So Dr. Jim Conroy and I, Basia Alexander, and they -- the deep intelligence and wisdom in Nature and our own Spirit guides -- collaboratively and co-creatively developed specific physiologically correct and scientifically-based instructions so that the Green Beings of today could assimilate that information into their consciousnesses and begin to protect themselves in climate extremes. There are no products or conventional tree care approaches that can do this. The Climate xTREEmz Protections are totally consciousness-based collaborative approaches and do not use any products or conventional methods at all.

The result was astonishing, even to us.

In 2022 in the New Jersey, USA, area where we have done the lion's share of BioBalia Nature InterPlay work since 2003--nearly 20 years--trees on client properties showed significant new spring growth and retained health during the 2 month summer drought. When the drought abated in early September, they did not have to take the time or effort to recover their internal functionality from the drought. They were able to begin unusual autumn growth to make up for the lack of growth during the drought. Thus, they increased their chances of current and future survival as various climate extremes will continue.

Our development work with Climate xTREEmz Protections will continue. Stay tuned.

What can you do?

Perhaps you want "give back" and offer healing processes to your trees, plants, ecosystem members, or other Nature beings.

Your first steps can be to have two-way connection experiences with trees or plants of any kind. You'll find lots of free information and guidance in the

You can also listen to or watch various talks and interviews we have given over the years. Find them Tagged as Interviews and Talks...

After that, you'll want to start taking classes at our school: BioBalia Institute School. There are free intros there and then you can choose which direction you want to take to learn more.

Thank you for reading this post. We hope you found it informative, expansive, and inspiring.