Our Innovation Stories

On the leading edge of the global shift

Innovation. Change.  Novelty.  

Something new and original that doesn’t fit into current thinking.  It’s a shift to a new mindset.  

Here are the stories behind a few of the innovations we have brought to light in the last 20 years.

Communicating with Nature.  Healing Nature.  

In the current culture, it’s usually not considered possible to have a conversation with something that doesn’t have a mouth and language.  So right off the bat, here’s something new and innovative that Dr. Jim Conroy and I, Basia Alexander, started doing right from the beginning of our work in 2002: talking with trees.  The truth is, Dr. Jim simply acknowledged the gift of intuitive listening that he had all along in his life and I “came out of the closet” about mine.  

Dr. Jim received his PhD in plant pathology and worked in the agriculture chemical industry for his 30+ year career.  But he had a flash of insight in the early 2000’s; he realized that there must be a better way.  Dr. Jim became a Nature Communicator™ and took on the moniker of The Tree Whisperer® as we started our work of BioBalia Nature InterPlay™ -- connecting, communicating, collaborating, and cocreating with the living Beings of Nature.

The fundamental notion of HEALING health problems for any living Being—humans included—is restoration of inner functionality.  It’s not about the medicines or products that are used; healing is about repairing and invigorating the body’s own ability to restore its innate functionality.  And Jim and I were dedicated to applying the practice of bioenergy and consciousness-based collaborative HEALING to trees and plants.  

BioBalia Nature Interplay™

"BioBalia Nature InterPlay" is our name for bioenergy and consciousness-based collaborative healing. Let me explain.

"BioBalia" is a word coined from "Biology" and "Balance." It's the state of wholeness that arises when trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems are operating in their own kind of partnership---with inner functionality and systems working optimally and with harmonious interconnection between them. BioBalia is the new WHOLE that emerges, greater than the sum of its parts.

"Nature Interplay" is a quick way of saying that people are connected with trees or plants of any kind in a communicative and collaborative and interaction. That is a sustainable kind of relationship which can result in a livable planet.

Mutual Healing Between People and Trees or Plants, Becoming Nature-Centric

We came up with this innovation in 2015: "mutual healing between people and trees." We taught that course at the Omega Institute from 2015 thru 2019 because we had ALREADY  developed easy and simple methods for people to connect with the Spirit of trees and communicate with the deep intelligence in plants of every kind. We knew be could teach this topic because we had ALREADY developed Tree Whispering®: a simple method for giving healing bioenergy and information to trees and all plants. But those weren't the only reasons why we wanted to teach mutual healing.

Here's the problem in the culture that we wanted to fix: People like to go for a walk in the woods--they find it refreshing or they ask the trees to give them 'healing energy.' Recently, there has been a lot of media coverage about the benefits of going out in Nature settings. (1) We find this very one-sided. (2) We think the benefits are overstated.  Why?

Benefits are overstated because trees are sick. Given current ecological damage due to climate extremes, trees, plants, forests, crops, and ecosystems need healing. They are stressed, sick, or in decline. Just because they are green, doesn't mean that they are healthy. Dr. Jim and I think that it's a bit presumptuous to assume that a being who is already sick can heal a person.

And we think that it's also arrogant to expect healing without giving anything in return. So we developed this innovation: MUTUAL HEALING. In our classes, people have profound connection experiences with trees. They get to know a tree from the inside-out; they find out what its life is like. They BEFRIEND a tree. Trees are the most generous beings on Earth and will always give people their own bioenergy and Life Force unselfishly. That's why it does feel good to walk in the woods. The trees are, in fact, trying to heal you the best they can in their depleted condition.

In the Mutual Healing process we teach, you find out how the tree might be stressed, sick or in decline. It's like you would do with another person. You would ask "How are you feeling?" out of caring for that person. You can do the same with a tree.

And, when you befriend a tree, you are getting off of that damaging merry-go-round of human-centric "me, me, me" thinking and moving toward becoming Nature-centric. You learn to come from the tree's point of view as if it were another person. After all, trees are people, too. :-)

Then, in our classes we provide simple and easy Mindful Methods™ (Visualizations, "Whispers", and Meditations) so that you can give your trees the information they need to heal themselves. You InterPlay in consciousness and in bioenergy with the tree, the interaction is an information-sharing process.

See? Mutual Healing. Give and Take. It's a two-way street. Everybody wins.

Climate xTREEmz Protections™ are the latest innovation for restoring a livable planet

Trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems are becoming stressed, sick, and even in decline as climate extremes continue. Warnings from climate scientists are grim.

Dr. Jim Conroy and I, Basia Alexander, are always looking for ways to improve the BioBalia Nature InterPlay™ (healing interactions in consciousness that promote health and wholeness) that we share with the Green Beings. So, we started having "talks" with them about what their lives are like in climate extremes. The deep intelligence in Nature and our own Spirit guides "told" us through our intuitive connections that trees, plants, crops, and forests could withstand the damaging effects of climate changes by ramping up the inner functionality of various systems.

But they added that specific Green Beings all over the planet had never done such a thing in their relatively short lifetimes. The trees, plants, crops, forests, and ecosystems alive today hadn't been able to evolve over eons to to ramp up their inner functionality of systems to withstand climate extremes. Green Beings would have to face climate extremes in a short flash of time in order to survive. Many haven't been able to survive.

Warning: Reading this next explanation might take your breath away because it is NOT based in the standard ideas or methods used in current culture. We hope you have an open mind.

So the two of us and they -- the deep intelligence and wisdom in Nature and our own Spirit guides -- collaboratively and co-creatively developed specific physiologically correct and scientifically-based instructions so that the Green Beings of today could assimilate that information into their consciousnesses and begin to protect themselves in climate extremes. There are no products or conventional tree care approaches that can do this.

The Climate xTREEmz Protections are totally consciousness-based collaborative approaches and do not use any products or conventional methods at all. They are offered (not "delivered") in humility from a person's conscious awareness to the consciousness of backyard or local trees and plants so that those Beings might become healthier and protect themselves from climate extremes. It's up to the individual trees or plants to implement the steps that they learn.

Anyone--you--can learn how to do this. You can take a class at BioBalia Institute School.

The results were astonishing, even to us.

In 2022 in the New Jersey, USA, area where we have done the lion's share of BioBalia Nature InterPlay work since 2003--nearly 20 years--trees on client properties showed significant new spring growth and retained health during the 2 month summer drought. When the drought abated in early September, they did not have to take the time or effort to recover their internal functionality from the drought. They were able to begin unusual autumn growth to make up for the lack of growth during the drought. Thus, they increased their chances of current and future survival as various climate extremes will continue.

Our development work with Climate xTREEmz Protections will continue. Stay tuned.

Where does innovation come from?  Cabbages.

Where does innovation come from? That question is a little like the question, “where do babies come from”? Innovation comes from the cabbages.  We say this only partly tongue-in-cheek.

Dr. Jim has a close personal relationship with the Cabbage Family's consciousness that goes back to the earliest days of his innovative holistic healing work with trees, plants and Nature.

In 2003, it was the fall-planting of cabbages at the research site (an organic farm) that showed Dr. Jim how they wanted to grow and how big they wanted to become.  

That was probably his first experience of the dimensional aspect of Nature and his first exposure to the fact that trees and plants have consciousness and have goals.  

In other words, Dr. Jim had an insight that all living Beings are more than just their physical expressions; we all are expressions of an intelligent pre-physical blueprint.  Some people might call this a Divine Design.  Whatever your name for it, Dr. Jim took that insight and used it in an innovative way to interact with that plant species.  The species gave him the vision of what it wanted to become.  He helped it get there by adjusting and expanding his Whispering methods: the cabbages’ physical health and growth could be energetically aligned in consciousness with its goal or blueprint.  

The story of these Cabbages in the last chapter of our first book, Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover’s Guide.