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The PartnerWithNature.org Team and Sister Websites

We're a very small company--now. But we will be growing.
Perhaps you want to join us as a website contributor? Or perhaps you want to be a Climate Captain, a Forest Restoring Walks and Talks leader, or a Green Centrics practitioner? There will be lots of opportunities available as time goes on.
Stay tuned... or email me using the Contact page.

Dr. Jim and I have also co-founded sister websites... scroll down to link to those.

Meet Our Content Contributors

Co-Authors Basia Alexander and Jim Conroy

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Basia Alexander for UPSHIFTED IDEAS

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Basia Alexander for PartnerWithNature.org

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Jim Conroy, PhD, Plant Pathology & The Tree Whisperer

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--Could Be You--

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Looking for tree-loving, nature partners to contribute to this blog, and blogs at our sister websites. Also looking for healing practitioners passionate about this work.

We want to attract tree-lovers and nature-partners as content contributors or as healing practitioners.

Do you have something to say about these topics or others, please let me know. You could become a content contributor on this and our sister websites.
• loving nature?
• some special tree?
• your advocacy to save some tree?
• how your thinking about Nature has evolved into enlightened stewardship?

Or, are you deeply passionate about tree and planetary health? Perhaps you want to take the Path to Partnership and become a Green Centrics® practitioner?

We need content contributors and tree-healers!

Content Contributors: Writing a blog post or making a video is a challenge, as it must appeal to, entice, and invite people into a personal experience and to take some kind of action. There is no magic formula--except, perhaps, to speak from the heart.

Tree-Healing Practitioners: Connecting through the heart is way to bring healing information and energy to your favorite trees and to your only planet. We teach courses and offer applications to become apprentices.

. . . . . . .

Contact me, Basia Alexander, if you're ready....

Tell me about yourself, your love of Nature, and what you want to do.
You can use the Contact form.