Research Studies

Research: Timeline of Key Results

Why do we put a photo of children above?
Because our research is for them and for the livable planet we hope will be the result.
Jim Conroy, PhD and The Tree Whisperer®, has been conducting research since 2003 into holistic, bioenergy and consciousness regarding healing trees, plants, and other ecosystem members.

Research: From Jim's Point of View...9 Points

Jim talks about how he does the research in 9 eye-opening and thought-provoking points.
You can also check on his website:

Research: Saving Big Old Trees

Everybody loves those big old trees. And we want to see them survive and thrive, especially when there is some kind of threat to them.

Research: Trees with Phytophthora Organisms

Jim did his PhD research on a relative of this organism, to learn how to kill it. But now, he is working with it based on the philosophy live-and-let live.

Research: Emerald Ash Borer and Ash Trees

We had advanced notice that this insect was coming to the Northeast USA. So we prepared the trees. This study continues as we are learning important lessons.

Research: Bark Beetle and Lodgepole Pines

The mountainside were turning red with pine tree death by the time we got there in 2007. This research study continues today. See how it evolved and how the trees are growing again.

Research: Deer and Gardens

Deer. Gentle but considered dangerous to gardens. Deer are also highly intelligent mammals and willing to cooperate when they are not threatened.

Research: Healing Fire Damage around Paradise, California

This was a well-known extremely damaging fire. What most people don't know is that trees continued to be removed in the town. However, trees in the forested areas grew and thrived after our work.

Research: Healing Fire Damage After Thomas Fire in Southern California

See how the tree we named "Survivor" put on growth and thrived.