How to Communicate Collaborate CoCreate


How do you CoCreate a Livable Planet?

Do you think you have to work with the whole planet? Maybe. But you can simply read the Climate Whispers to a tree in your backyard. That will help because everything is connected to everything!

How Do You CoCreate With Nature?

CoCreating? It's a mutual endeavor. It rests on a solid foundation of communication and collaboration then goes further. Unlike most negotiations, CoCreating means that each party works to make sure the other gets what they need.

How to collaborate as equals? (with an example)

Here's an example of what it could be like for you to engage with a Nature Being and collaborate.

How to Communicate Directly with Nature

Nature Communication is an open-minded and heart-centered experience. It's easy to do when you are peaceful or, perhaps, on a walk in the woods.

Communicate, Collaborate, and CoCreate are the WAYS to Partner and Restore a Livable Planet

The 3 C's (Communicate, Collaborate, CoCreate) lead you to directly engage with Nature's energy, power, and intelligence. They are the WAY to partner with Nature and to restoring a livable planet.

Be Open Minded, Heart Centered, Willing to Listen

Partnering with Nature begins with an open mind. Partnering also means being able to know your own heart. Then, all you have to do is listen carefully in the quiet of your heart.