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How to collaborate as equals? (with a guided exercise)

An excerpt from our book Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover's Guide. Here's what we mean by collaboration... and some exercises from our 1st book that will show you what it could be like for you to engage with a Nature Being and collaborate.

The Holistic Approach to Care

Organic? A good 1st step. Now find out how to go "Holistic" too.

EVENT: EARTH DAY 2021 Talk in Partnership with Humanity Rising

Please join us on Earth Day 2021. We're giving a talk in partnership with Humanity Rising.

Video: Tree Whispering isn't just for Trees

Video of other plants you can Whisper with... Whispering isn't just for trees.

Healing Path Step 1: Nature Communication

Take the Healing Path Step 1: A journey begins with the first step. An adventure starts with the first unknown. Nature Communication = Connecting with Life Force.

Healing Path Step 2: Tree Whispering

Take the Healing Path Step 2: Tree Whispering® is a way to step inside of the tree's world and to have a personal and peaceful experience of the Life Force of trees and plants. It's also mutually healing. Tree Whispering = Peaceful Experiences and Mutual Healing.

Healing Path Step 3: Climate Whispering

Take the Healing Path Step 3: Climate Whispering helps trees and Nature withstands the effects of climate extremes and empowers you. Climate Whispering = Restore Nature, Empower People.