Intros, Learning, & Events

Healing Path Step 4: Forest Healing Walks

Take the Healing Path Step 4: While going for a forest walk, you can literally be on a healing path. Find out how.

Healing Path Step 5: Holistic Chores

Take the Healing Path Step 5: Always practical, when you do your needed garden or tree care chores, having this holistic approach will be both respectful and successful. You will be working in partnership with Nature.

Healing Path Step 6: Cooperative BioBalance

Take the Healing Path Step 6: It's a big step to think about not just trees, but the whole ecosystem. We've created leading edge methods for the restoration of healthy relationships among the multitude of ecosystem members.

Healing Path Step 7: Green Centrics

Step 7: You are a healer. It’s in your human skill-set. Now, just learn Green Centrics.

Healing Path Step 8: EcoPeace Treaties

Take the Healing Path Step 8: The next logical idea for partnering with Nature is live-and-let-live. This method makes killing obsolete.

Event: Messages from Trees

A gathering to become re-enchanted with Nature. Re-learn to listen to Nature as children already do.

EVENT: Tree Whispering Using Consciousness

A Dimensional Approach to Collaborating with Nature. We believe that people's collaboration with Nature through Tree Whispering and Cooperative BioBalance promises the possibility of restoring dynamic balance in ecosystems and attaining true sustainability.

Event: Reciprocal Healing and Collaboration with Nature

Listen to the trees! Enjoy profound intuitive and sensory encounters. Move from 'me' to "WE" with five steps for practical collaboration with Nature. Feel renewed in body, mind, and spirit.

Video: Offering workshops at the Omega Institute

We have offered workshops at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, USA, since 2005.