Dr. Jim Conroy received his PhD. in Plant Pathology from Purdue University in Indiana.  After more than 25 years as a successful plant and tree health Senior Executive in a Fortune 50 chemical company, he did a 180º turn-around. He had a flash of insight that changed his life.  Now, he is a Master BioBalancer® who saves trees in decline and balances the health of ecosystems on large tracts of land using his innovative hands-on bioenergy-based methods.
“Dr. Jim”--as he is known--initially developed the Green Centrics™ and Tree Whispering® systems.  They are holistic bio-energy healing, hands-on, no-product, green solutions to rejuvenate tree and plant health. Dr. Conroy’s breakthrough leading to the Cooperative BioBalance® system came through his profound connection with not only members of the Plant Kingdom but also all living Beings.

He conducts research studies to determine whether so-called "invasive" organisms can co-exist with their hosts in their ecosystems.

He is always expanding his own intuitive skills and innovative work. He is an innovator of a unique Light-based healing approach for ecosystems. Processes using his multidimensional model are on the cutting edge of merging new sciences with non-linear approaches.

His latest research studies are detailed at About>Research Studies.

Now, as a Master BioBalancer®, he works on people's properties, businesses, and on large tracts of land to heal stressed trees, ecosystems using bioenergy-based methods to mend their internal parts and functions as well as to re-establish their connectivity and flow.  He uses NO PRODUCTS or invasive techniques what-so-ever.

Dr. Conroy has donated countless hours since 2014 to the rejuvenation of large tracts of public lands in parks all over the USA. He is an ingenious visionary and impassioned speaker for Partnership with Nature, including collaboration with invasive organisms.

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