These people are asking Nature for information about Herself. This is a more advanced step on the Path to Partnership.

It's not for everyone.

What are they asking? They want to know what the trees want and are capable of becoming, and how they can coexist with insects.

Once you have realized that Nature Beings have their own kind of intelligence and then you experienced Nature Communication through your own senses and gut feelings, you can then ask Nature for Information.  

When you open up lines of communication, you really open up your own heart and mind to a broader kind of listening.   Sensory awareness and intuitive knowing is how you’ll get inspiring messages from trees, plants or others about their lives.  

You may even be told something about your own life and how best to enjoy it.  But, you may also find out that many Beings of Nature are as highly stressed as people are these days.  

Nature seeks to thrive in dynamic balance and has answers about how to do that, if people would just come from Her point of view, perceive her stories, ask Her what she needs, then act on her advice.

Why would you want to ask Nature for Information?  

Albert Einstein said (and I’m paraphrasing here): “You can’t solve a problem at the same level of thinking that the problem was created at.”  

When people assume that they have all the answers to the environmental problems that humanity has created on Earth, they assume wrongly because they are trying to solve a problem from the same level where the problems were created: assuming that people could dominate Nature.  

So, people need to raise themselves to a higher level of thinking in order to recognize Nature’s know-how and work in partnership with Her.  One good way to be in partnership is to ask individual Beings of Nature for information about what they need, want, and are capable of becoming.  

So, you have it within your power to get Nature’s advice in order to begin to solve environmental problems from Her point of view.

Please find guidance and stories that will help you learn how to Ask Nature for Info at the BLOG. Once you get some of Her answers, then, you can take the next step: Seek Her Goals.