Climate Whispering to Help Nature Withstand Climate Extremes

Climate Whispers are simple, easy statements (like affirmations, intentions, or prayers) that you convey from your heart. They empower you and help Nature Beings to withstand climate extremes or when there is a disruption happening such as cold, bad storms, or drought.

It's an Approach to Help Nature. Earth is going through massive changes.  

Nature is trying to restore balance but she is overwhelmed.

How can people help?

  • People are empowered when doing Climate Whispers because they don’t have to feel helpless any more about local, regional and even global environmental problems.
  • With Climate Whispering, you have it within your power to begin to solve some environmental problems.
  • Climate Whispering is practical, especially when there is extreme cold, drought, fire, or other disruptions in an area.
  • People give Nature Beings the bioenergy support in consciousness that they need to withstand extremes and disruptions.  

Climate Whispers were created and written by Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander, and are based on their advanced bioenergy healing work with trees, plants, and ecosystem members since 2003.