Collaborate and Co-Create Directly with Nature

This step sets the scene for all of the rest of the steps on the Path to Partnership. It's more of an attitude than things to do.

"Collaborate" means to cooperate, co-act, work together and 'go partners.'

To "Co-Create" is the most mutually engaging and respectful thing you can do with another. You consult or share information together. You come to consensus about action steps. The two (or more) of you are working side-by-side. It's a mutual endeavor and the result is your co-creation.

When you intend to collaborate and co-create directly with the living Beings of Nature, you are being NATURE-CENTRIC. In other words, the normal and almost invisible way of being human-centric is consciously set aside for a while and you can not only communicate but also receive Nature's wisdom.

With that attitude, you are ready for the next step.