Nature Communication™

Ancient and indigenous cultures have all honored the wisdom of Nature; most used shamanistic or ritualistic ways to ask Nature for information and/or to gain Her favor. Luckily, there are easier ways to communicate today that are just as effective.

We call it "Nature Communication." It's simply an open-minded and heart-centered experience. You might think of it as befriending a Nature Being and having a 'talk' with them.

If you have a companion animal, you probably already understand this and do this. The animal may not have language but they certainly "talk" to you and you understand what they are "saying."

How would you communicate with a tree? a bug? a bird? You wouldn't have to speak words to them as you would do with a dog or cat. And they won't speak words aloud to you. But you can open your mind and heart--and they can send their information to you.

How Can You Do Nature Communication?

As long as you have an open mind and you're willing to take whatever you get, even with skepticism, you can do it.


  1. Release old, worn-out ideas about what you can and cannot do.
  2. Expand your talents to perceive—hear, see, feel, know.
  3. Allow your sensory awareness to relax and open. Your top sense may not the the same as someone else's
  4. Have confidence in your ability to listen deeply, to envision, to experience, and to understand.
  5. Sit quietly with a tree (they are often the best 'talkers') where you won't be interrupted.
  6. Feel love for the Nature Being.
  7. Ask it a question from you heart.
  8. Take whatever you get, even if you think it was just your own imagination.
  9. Ask it another question or share something personal with it.
  10. Take whatever you get, even if you think it was just your own imagination.
  11. Repeat the last 2 points as long as you are enjoying yourself and feeling good.
  12. Thank the Nature Being (it's only polite)

You might want to write down your impressions or feelings so that you can remember them and confirm them later.

Also, write down any message you got from the Nature Being. You'll soon have a record of your "conversations."