Experience Nature Communication

The early steps along the Path to Partnership include being open-minded and heart centered, experiencing taking Nature's point of View, and then being Nature centric. Experiencing Nature Communication is the next step on the Path to Partnership.

Nature has intelligence.  That might sound like a bold statement but think about this: In the 4 or so billion years of evolution of Life on Earth, Nature has produced organisms that can forage for resources and distinguish between food and not-food, communicate with each other and cooperate, recognize self verses non-self, determine what their environment is offering, and do cost-benefit analysis.  Humans? Maybe.  

But the professional scientific Society for Plant Signaling and Behavior says plants can do all that and more.  So Nature has intelligence.  

That means you, as an intelligent Being of Nature, have the inborn ability to communicate in some way with Mother Nature and any of her living Beings.  It’s only modern culture’s assumptions and biases that constrain your capabilities. Learn to stretch your limits.  Learn to communicate with the intelligence—or spirit—of Nature’s living Beings.  

How can you experience Nature Communication?  
  • Release old, worn-out ideas about what you can and cannot do.
  • Expand your talents to perceive—hear, see, feel, know.
  • Have
    confidence in your ability to listen deeply, to envision, to
    experience, and to understand what Nature Beings want to communicate to

Nature Beings have wonderful stories to tell about themselves!