Forest Restoring Walks

Basia Alexander: Nature needs people’s help and people need to help Nature.

When you go for a walk in a forest or park, you usually feel more peaceful or invigorated.  Heightened sensory engagement with trees and the forest often confers appreciation and a sense of peace in the natural world. It’s rejuvenating!  

But like the chaotic sounds of an orchestra warming up, forests are in disarray.  

Forests everywhere are sick; their ecosystem members are disconnected. Climate change is taking its toll in forests as weather extremes change the trees’ abilities to grow and other organisms’ abilities to thrive.

It’s time to ‘give back’ to Nature, to turn the tables. You can help Nature rejuvenate, help trees recover their abilities to grow and thrive.

How would you do that?  

The Institute for Cooperative BioBalance and its co-founders, Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander, will be offering a new program: Forest Restoring Walks. It's about giving back to Nature.

Forest Restoring Walks is about returning trees’ and forests’ gifts to humanity.  You help the trees and forests become healthier as they help you regain inner peace.  

Through the use of Healing Whispers® and Climate Whispers® a person who is going on a personal or guided Forest Restoring Walks will also be able to help rejuvenate the health and inter-connectivity of that forest’s ecosystem members, primarily the trees.  

The fundamental ideas are partnership and mutuality:  The person benefits AND the trees/ecosystem benefits.  

Forest Restoring Walks are for people who are open-minded and heart-centered.  

Benefits of a self-lead or guided Forest Restoring Walking:

  1. De-stressing: Experiencing connection, relaxation, peace, and awe in Nature.
  2. Awareness of what a tree’s or other nature Being’s daily life is like, while coming from its point of view.
  3. Having the pleasures of communing and communicating with the Life Force, consciousness, and even the spirit of Nature Beings.
  4. Using Healing Whispers or Climate Whispers that are available on this website to rejuvenate the health and well-being of trees and the forest.
  5. Gaining satisfaction and fulfillment about the mutual healing that is occurring between you as a human Being and the green Beings. You may receive wise messages from the trees. You will probably be inspired to care for your own trees in more holistic ways.
  6. Feeling profound peace of mind about humanity’s and Earth’s future after being able to make a difference to local and global ecological recovery.  

Yes, there is an altruistic component to Forest Restoring Walks.  People feel good when they do good.  Helping Nature IS helping one’s self.  

Right now, forests on planet Earth and all of Nature need people’s help and people need to help forests and Nature.  It’s mutual.  It’s a partnership.  

We are training and preparing Forest Restoring Walks leaders now... the first guided walk should be available in early spring, 2020.