Take Another's Point of View: Be Nature-Centric

This is one of the first steps along the Path to Partnership.

Are you human-centric?  In other words, do you think about life only from the point of view of being a human being?   Probably you do because it’s natural.

But there is another way.  Beings of Nature such as trees, plants, even insects, and animals are not only alive but have “cognition” according to the scientists who study living systems.  As such, those organisms are intelligent and we believe that they have a point of view.  

When you are listening to a friend talk about some situation in their lives, it’s probably easy for you to see their perspective. You can come from their point of view.  Compassion and understanding usually results.  

You can be Nature-centric. By learning to come from Nature Beings’ points of views—to “walk a mile in their shoes” so to speak—you will be able to understand what their lives are like.  

Example: When you take a tree’s point of view, you can understand what it is like to stand all day with arms raised, to rest all night while drinking water, to have breeze and birds in your hair, and to live within a supportive community of others.  

Want to try it?  

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