If you go out for #FamilyFunWithTrees, all of you can #ThankATree ... and share the photo on social media or with us Whispers at PartnerWithNature.org

Gratitude is a powerful force.  

Knowing all that trees and plants do for us humans, pause for a moment as you walk down a shady lane, as you park your car under a tree, as you eat a meal, as you breathe fresh air, and whisper a message of thanks to a plant or tree.

Something as simple as saying “Thank you” to a tree or plant can make a world of difference.  Balanced, healthy plants and trees make for a healthy planet.  In truth, the Plant Kingdom is eager to ‘talk’ with people. 

Perhaps, by saying “thanks” you can start a conversation!  They will send you messages through your heart, inner senses, and intuition.