2019’s fires around the globe are shocking.  Practical actions are only half of what is needed.  The other half that’s needed is YOUR DIRECT AND CONSCIOUS INTERACTION WITH NATURE!  

Click here for Fire Damage Recovery Whispers®. They help.  How?  Through bioenergy and intention-based synergy of consciousness.  

Use them when you feel despair for the planet because these Whispers will empower YOU!  How?  Because the power of your heart and mind are impacting trees and other Beings of Nature who need healing and balance to recover from fire damage and withstand extremes of climate change.

You are welcome to freely share these FIRE DAMAGE RECOVERY WHISPERS, but don’t change them in any way.  

These will be available soon in audio format... stay tuned.

Please send your feedback, stories, and comments to   These Whispers are based on the most advanced LightWork and dimensional interactions developed to date by Dr. Jim Conroy.  Please credit Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander as their authors.  

Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander have extensive experience in California helping the trees/plants/ecosystem members that survived the initial fire to avoid growth-failure and to survive and even thrive afterward.  Re-establishing growth in a higher percentage of the survivors is vital to boosting the ecosystem into health again.  See their results at