Understanding Tree and Climate Whispering®

‍An Approach to Nature
  • Tree Whispering goes beyond 'hugging' or organics into heart-to-heart partnerships with trees, plants, or other Nature Beings. Climate Whispering is meant to help Nature Beings withstand climate extremes and heal themselves during disruptions.
‍A Personal Experience
  • It means enjoying a sense of connection with a tree, plant, or other Nature Being and feeling as if you can come from its point of view.  It’s a chance to step inside its world.  In other words, it’s looking at life by feeling as if you are in its roots, skins, or wings.
‍A Philosophy
  • By learning to come from another Being’s perspective, people will be able to live as a Partner with Nature so that both you and Nature can mutually thrive. By getting in touch with Nature Being's life force or "energy" or spirit, people and Nature Beings forge a partnership.  People are more likely to be respectful.
‍A Set of Skills
  • Tree Whispering helps you develop intuitive communication skills so that you are able to understand how Nature “thinks” so you can exchange information and wisdom with Nature Beings.  
‍Practical Actions
  • When in partnership, people don’t assume that they know what is best for the other.
  • Instead, they ask questions or take healing actions such as providing the HEALING WHISPERS®.
  • People take practical actions as enlightened stewards of their land and of our precious home: Earth.

Tree Whispering isn't just for Trees

All living Beings respond to human attention and intention. Whispering can be done with any ecosystem member and even a whole area of land and all of its ecosystem members.

Giving the Whispers

HEALING WHISPERS are intentional messages that you convey from your heart and through your consciousness that empower you and help Nature Beings to grow, connect, and thrive. These are simple, easy statements (like affirmations, intentions, or prayers) you give to Nature Beings as their partner.

You say (aloud or in your heart) various kinds of Whispers for various situations. These are Healing Whispers® available for free as a pdf or for a small fee as a "Whisper-Along-With-Me" MP3 at the Store.

  • Healing Trees and Forests During a Walk Whispers
  • Whispers for Mutual Healing between People and Trees
  • Emergency Relief for Trees Covered with Soil Whispers
  • Tree Loss Whispers
  • Partner With Nature Whispers

Climate Whispers work the same way ... and they also help Nature Beings to withstand climate extremes and other disruptions in their ecosystems.

So far, we have F*R*E*E pdf Climate Whispers for the following topics. There is a small fee for the Whisper-Along-With-Me MP3s. Both can be found at the Store.  

  • Storm Prep Whispers (these were used successfully by people when Hurricane Sandy was approaching the Northeast USA)
  • After Storm Whispers
  • Blizzard Whispers
  • Big Freeze Whispers
  • Drought Whispers
  • Anticipating Wildfire Whispers
  • Wildfire Recovery Whispers
  • With more to come:
  • Flooding
  • Seasonal Changes

The Tree Whispering Methodology which includes Healing Whispers and Climate Whispers were created and written by Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander.  Whispers are based on the founder's advanced bio-energy healing work with trees, plants, and ecosystem members. People have been using them since about 2005.

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