Tree Whispering is on the Path to Enlightened Stewardship

Tree Whispering® and Climate Whispering® are the simplest, easiest techniques for you to connect at a feeling level with a tree or plant, an ecosystem member, or a climate situation, and then really make a difference.  


Your conscious attention to these empowering messages interacts with the consciousness of the trees and others where you walk. It's your good intentions, your loving heart, and your open mind that makes this work.

For example, use these Healing Whispers. You can download this postcard and use it when you go for a walk. You simply say these messages from your heart to trees and all Beings.  Then, you might receive messages back from the trees. Remember, they are eager to communicate and partner with humanity.

And you can do Climate Whispering, too.

Climate Whispers are also INTENTIONAL MESSAGES CONVEYED FROM THE HEART that EMPOWER YOU and HELP LIVING BEINGS withstand the effects of Climate Change.

Here's an example that may reduce the bad effects of storms: Storm Prep Whispers
For All Ecosystem Members (Plant, Animal, Microscopic organisms, People, and All Others)
  1. Go outside if possible. Say from your heart to a tree or plant. “I care for you.  There is a big storm coming.
  2. “Roots, please grip soil and earth with all your might.
  3. “Trunk, branches, and stems, please be supple and bend like a dancer.
  4. “Leaves, please drop if you can, or become slippery and turn on edge so the wind-driven rain slips past you or any snow slips off.
  5. “Community of Green Beings, please tighten your web of connections.
  6. “Ecosystem, please become connected and interconnected.
  7. “Element of Earth, please hold roots tight.
  8. “Element of Air, please caress, not assault.
  9. “Element of Water, please flow smoothly over.
  10. “Element of Fire, please give strength to the whole.
  11. “Spirit of the Storm, please integrate peacefully with the ecosystem and the Spirit of the Land.
  12. “Spirit of the Land, please meet the Spirit of the Storm with serenity.
  13. “Thank you and thanks to all helpers.”

Written Climate Whispers are available at no cost to you in the Store.

There are Climate Whispers for all sorts of situations: Blizzards, Droughts, Anticipating Wildfire, and more...

Go to the Tree And Climate Whispering Section in the Blog for detailed information. Go to the Store to download pdfs for free.

Share them with neighbors or friends.

Many people did share and use Storm Prep Whispers prior to Hurricane Sandy's hit on the east coast USA in 2012. Their success stories are in our book: People Saving Trees in Hurricane Sandy.

Climate Whispers were created and written by Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander, and are based on their advanced bioenergy healing work with trees, plants, and ecosystem members since 2003.