There is a climate crisis. Nature is sick. She needs emergency action!

You know that... but what do you do?

The truth is that just lowering carbon emissions and other practical actions--although really needed--won't HEAL Nature. She's too out of balance, too stressed already.

Nature Beings right in your backyard and in local parks need “heart-based and deep-soul” methods from local 1st Responders—THAT’S YOU—in order to recover inner health and regain dynamic balance. You will benefit, too.

1st Responder Citizen Action individually or in groups uses simple and easy "soft" approaches that revitalize Nature and heal people, too.  We call them "Healing Whispers" and "Climate Whispers."

You can do this anytime, even while you are climate striking!  

It’s the “other half” of what’s needed to restore a livable planet beyond the needed practical efforts. "Other half?"  Yes, because just lowering carbon emissions or planting more trees will NOT HEAL or RESTORE FUNCTIONALITY TO Nature Being's inner health and complex interactions (which are already broken.)

Become a 1st Responder to help Nature as a WHOLE recover from the extremes and stresses of climate change.  

You can stop and reverse the downward spiral of loss!

We'll have this link ready in early March...

Sign-up...and you’ll get a full set of Eco-Damage Healing Whispers® with instructions and a printable sticker signifying you as a 1st Responder for Nature Recovery.  

Healing Whispers and Climate Whispers are simple, easy intentional messages that you say in your heart and mind to Nature Beings  in your own backyard, in public parks, and even at a distance anywhere in the world during climate extremes.

They are what is needed to heal ecological damage.

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