Climate Whispering to Help Nature Withstand Climate Extremes

Climate Whispers are simple, easy statements (like affirmations, intentions, or prayers) that you convey from your heart and mind. They empower you and help Nature Beings to withstand climate extremes or when there is a disruption happening such as wildfire, cold, bad storms, or drought.

It's an Approach to Help Nature by direct interaction: human being to Nature being. You engage directly by getting close to trees, plants, forests, and ecosystems.

Earth is going through massive changes.  Nature is trying to restore balance but she is overwhelmed.

How can people help?
  • People are empowered when doing Climate Whispers because they don’t have to feel helpless any more about local, regional and even global environmental problems.
  • With Climate Whispering, you have it within your power to begin to solve some environmental problems.
  • Climate Whispering is practical, especially when there is extreme cold, drought, fire, or other disruptions in an area.
  • People give Nature Beings the bioenergy support in consciousness that they need to withstand extremes and disruptions.  

What are some examples of Climate Whispering?

Hurricane Sandy and the Storm Prep Whispers

When Hurricane Sandy blasted the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut area in October, 2012, we were there. We sent out the Storm Prep Whispers which went viral. Thousands of people were giving these Whispers to their trees and to trees all over the area. Dr. Jim and I made quick visits to all of our clients in the area, too.

The results were astounding. People saved their trees (and even neighbor's trees) while other trees in their nearby areas were devastated.

So many shared their successes with us that we put their stories together into a book: People Saving Their Trees In Hurricane Sandy.

In the Photo Collage below:

  • The satellite photo of Hurricane Sandy is in the top left.
  • The "GREAT TRIPLE OAK", a key 300 year old tree on a New Jersey property is shown prior to the storm.
  • It's shown again on the cover of our book, in a photo after the storm.
  • Dr. Jim is reading the Storm Prep Whispers off of his phone.
  • On the sheet of his notes, you can see that leaves were already "raining" down in response to the Whispers.

If you want to download the latest version of Storm Prep Whispers, please go to

Wildfire Prep and Recovery Whispers

Dr. Jim and I have traveled to California many many times since 2017 when the worst wildfires have burned. We have discovered that Whispers are most useful in these ways:

  • Wildfire Prep Whispers help the trees, plants and other ecosystem members to allocate their resources properly before a fire. In other words, most trees will send food out of the leaves into the roots deep below the surface area. Precious food resources are saved.
  • Wildfire Recovery Whispers can help trees survive even if those trees haven't been able to save any food resources. How? Whatever food resources they do have left are usually put into sending out more leaf growth. The Recovery Whispers help them to do that in a very efficient way so that the tree doesn't grow a few leaves and then fail.  The trees and plants need to set up an efficient growth and healing cycle in their inner functionality so that all new growth makes more food that causes more growth that makes more food that causes more growth and on and on. That way they don't use up all their energy and fail.

Your use of the Wildfire Recovery Whispers gives trees and other Nature Beings the information and direction they need to set up such a positive cycle. The information exists in your conscious awareness and then is transferred into their bioenergy field through both local bioenergy fields and remote fields of consciousness.

In the photo collage below,  see a series of shots of the same tree after it was burned in the Thomas Fire. We call this tree "Survivor." It was one of thousands that benefited from our Whispers and other energy-based treatments. No products were used.

These are Coastal Live Oak trees which can sprout new growth right out of their burned and charred bark. If they are badly burned, they will die. But when they are able to set up a positive cycle of growth and healing when they receive Whispers, more of them are able to survive their damage than normally would be able to survive.

Wildfire Prep and Recovery Whispers are available at

Climate Whispers were created and written by Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander, and are based on their advanced bioenergy healing work with trees, plants, and ecosystem members since 2003.

Oct 26, 2020
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