Take the Healing Path

Step 2: Tree Whispering

The adventure continues as your personal experiences expand...

And questions arise…

Can I trust this path?  Yes. It's not someone else's path, it's your path.

How can I be healed?  Through your connection with Nature.

What do I have to do?  Listen to your heart.  Make positive choices.  

Tree Whispering is a Personal and Peaceful Experience

PartnerWithNature.org envisions a world where people respect all living Beings of Nature, learn to understand what their lives are like, and act in conscious collaboration with them for mutual benefits such as surviving and thriving on a livable planet.

Tree Whispering begins as a personal and peaceful experience of appreciation and interacting with the Life Force of trees and plants. It means enjoying a sense of connection with a tree or other Nature Being and feeling as if you can come from its point of view.  It’s a chance to step inside their world.  In other words, it’s looking at life by feeling as if you are in their roots, in their skins, or in their wings.

Tree Whispering doesn’t mean whispering with one's voice, necessarily.  The non-verbal communication begins with expanding intuition and opening the heart.  

And when you are quiet and in connection, you may also receive messages from the deep intelligence within that Nature Being. So Tree Whispering is a two-way process.

The messages from trees could be

  • something personal about you or your life
  • some information about what is going on in the life of the tree or plant
  • some profound insight

De-Stressing and more: Mutual Healing

It's so satisfying. In this hurry-up noisy world, taking a few moments to commune with a being of Nature will calm you down and lift you up.

Being in Nature is a well-known tonic to ease day-to-day human tension, and Tree Whispering goes even further. It is mutually healing. You don't just take from Nature but you can give back to Nature. And isn't that more satisfying?

The healing aspect for the trees and plants comes in when you use short sets of "Healing Whispers" or "Climate Whispers" that we provide.

The healing aspect for you happens in that interaction. When you are in close contact with the tree or plant's Life Force (or some might say their spirit) they are sending bioenergy waves of healing to you, too. The Plant Kingdom contains the most generous and wise beings. They want to help humans, especially now in these times of profound change.

But trees, plants and really all Nature Beings are highly stressed themselves. Many ecosystems are disconnected and dying. They can use a little help from us humans. So we, Dr. Jim and I, provide FREE Healing Whispers and Climate Whispers.

No products are involved in this technology.  It is based on energy-medicine techniques and new science approaches including including the science of living systems, intentional use of consciousness, evolutionary biology, heartmath research, and quantum physics. For more information about the relevant sciences, please go to What are the Fundamental Concepts and Sciences?

Mar 10, 2020
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