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Step 4: Forest Healing Walks and Talks

While going for a forest walk, you can literally be on a healing path. Forest Healing Walks are for people who are open-minded and heart-centered.

1: DE-STRESS: Breathe.  Relax. Take in the sights, sounds, and smells. Be quiet and peaceful.  
2: CONNECT: Touch a tree with your hands.  Experience connection.  Be in awe of Life Force.  Commune with Spirit.
3: AFFINITY: Be aware of what a tree’s or other nature Being’s life is like, come from their point of view.  
4: EXCHANGE:  Share your innermost thoughts.  Even receive wise messages.  
5: MUTUAL HEALING: Use “Whispers” that are provided below to restore the well-being of trees and the whole forest while you receive rejuvenating energy.
6: INSPIRATION: Be uplifted to care for your own trees in more holistic ways.
7: CONFIDENCE:  Feel peace of mind about the future after making a difference to local and global ecological recovery.

When you go for a walk in a forest or park, you usually feel more peaceful or invigorated.  Heightened sensory engagement with trees and the forest often confers appreciation and a sense of peace in the natural world. It’s rejuvenating!  

But like the chaotic sounds of an orchestra warming up, forests are in disarray.  Forests everywhere are sick; their ecosystem members are disconnected. Climate change is taking its toll in forests as weather extremes change the trees’ abilities to grow and other organisms’ abilities to thrive.

Forest Healing is about a mutual exchange of healing. You help the trees and forests become healthier as they help you regain inner peace and rejuvenation.  The fundamental ideas are partnership and mutuality:  You benefit AND the trees and the whole ecosystem benefits.  

Your Forest Healing Walk can be done on your own or in a group — self-lead or leader-lead.  Scroll down for guidelines and a set of Forest Healing Whispers…

How do you help Nature rejuvenate? help trees recover their abilities to grow and thrive?  Easily by saying a simple set of “Whispers.” Whispers are intentional messages conveyed from the heart that give trees and Nature the information they need to recover inner functionality and connection.  

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Mar 8, 2020
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