Nature is in trouble. Ecosystems all over the planet are going through massive changes. We don't need to repeat how bad the predictions are, so....

...let’s rejuvenate Nature! Yes, it's possible.

The woman in the photo above is using the Livable Planet Whispers... intentional messages conveyed from the heart and mind. They HEAL Nature Beings and empower YOU.

Scroll down to see and use them....they're simple and easy.

New, higher level thinking is needed to make your home (that's the whole planet) healthy and livable for humanity again.  

Don't despair.

There is a new thinking, a higher level of ideas where solutions to ecological problems exist.

Greet these ideas... they're here at

People need to move from “me” to “we”…and that “we” is Nature with people together in conscious collaboration.

People—you, me, everyone—we can revive well-being and balance right in our own spaces or backyards. And that recovery can connect and expand to become a global revitalization of Nature.  Don't count on governments and companies to get the job done in time.

You can do it yourself, with a little help from your friends here at  :-)

You can learn to heal ecological damage using tools you already have: your conscious awareness, mindfulness, and love for Nature. Yes, using your consciousness!

Ecological damage can be HEALED so that we can co-create a livable planet.

Livable Planet Whispers:

Jun 16, 2021
Path to a Livable Planet

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Path to a Livable Planet


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