Our 8 "Big Ideas”

BIG IDEA #1: People can heal ecological damage.

Nature is operating in extremes at this point in time mostly because of humanity’s actions: control and domination for hundreds of years.  

Nature can begin to heal and re-balance Herself NOW because people will start to partner with Nature through direct and conscious interactions.  

This leads to a livable planet and positive future.

BIG IDEA #2: People can "CONNECT", can consciously interact with Nature through heart-based and deep soul ways.

People can consciously interact with Nature through non-linear, heart-felt connections we call “Heart-Based and Deep Soul.”  Humans have the innate ability to connect deeply with Nature Beings and we teach easy-to-learn methods. 

BIG IDEA #3: Partnering with Nature means to Communicate, Collaborate, Co-create with Nature.


  • By coming from Nature’s point of view in humility not an arrogant human-centric point of view.  
  • By thinking new thoughts and taking new actions such as ASKING Nature for Her advice and wisdom.

Big Idea #4: You can use your consciousness to give Nature the information She needs to heal Herself.

Partnering With Nature to heal ecological damage means giving Nature the information She needs to heal Herself.  That’s done through your consciousness by using Healing Whispers® and Climate Whispering®.

Whispering helps trees and other Nature Beings use their resources more effectively and efficiently to heal sooner. 

Big Idea #5: For a livable planet, we need BOTH practical actions AND mindful, bio-energy healing efforts.

Partnering with Nature is the 2nd Half of What’s Needed for  Livable Planet

  • 1st half: Practical actions such as reducing carbon emissions and footprints are needed.
  • PLUS the 2nd half: Healing Nature’s Inner Functionality and Connectivity with Whispering (Mindful, Bio-Energy Medicine Methods) helps to bring forth a livable planet.
  • Nobody is thinking about the 2nd half yet so the PartnerWithNautre.org community is ahead of the curve. 

Big Idea #6: You are not alone. You can rise above environmental despair and come "home" to our growing community.

You are not alone in loving trees and Nature.  There are millions of people just like you, longing to find a “home” where they can be inspired to rise above environmental despair and learn to make a lasting difference in their own backyards, parks, regions, and for the whole planet. PartnerWithNature.org is that community’s home-base.

Big Idea #7: Partnering with Nature leads to both personal and environmental healing.

Thinking in this new way and doing the various methods we teach is a personally transformative, even spiritual, experience.  It’s satisfying and self-healing.  

It’s beyond organics.  It’s a holistic, bioenergy-based approach without the need for any kind of products, yet complementary with organic products. 

Big Idea #8: Partnering with Nature is a new operating system for humanity and its time has come!

Partner With Nature is a new framework of thought for humanity.

It’s a new operating system for humanity whose time has come!  It embraced the ideas “Nature is alive, intelligence and spirited” and “Live and Let Live.” 

Jan 22, 2021
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