Our "Big Ideas”

Big Idea #1: You love trees and Nature. You can find out what a tree’s life is like, see the world through its ‘eyes,’ and become Nature’s partner.  

Big Idea #2: “Think” like a tree? Yes. And you can learn from Nature’s wisdom.  

Big Idea #3: Trees and forests everywhere sick, declining. But, trees can be HEALED from the inside out and ecological damage can be mended. 

Big Idea #4: Healing needs to be mutual: It’s a take AND GIVE with trees and Nature.  

Big Idea #5: Do you seek spiritual experiences? A tree may be your partner. 

Big Idea #6: If humanity will grow trees and forests with awareness of their intelligence and in partnership and collaboration, then the planet will be livable again.  

Big Idea #7: We invite you to discover our simple ways to satisfy your curiosity, connect with trees and enjoy mutual healing, communicate and collaborate with trees, forests, and other living beings of Nature, and co-create a livable planet.  

Jan 30, 2022
Why and How to Partner

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Why and How to Partner


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