It's August of 2019. Our Home is Burning.

Fires are burning now in Alaska, Siberia, Angola, The Congo, the Amazon, really just about everywhere on our planet!

It's not just climate change any more... it's climate crisis!

Practical actions and advocacy are only half of what's needed to avoid ecological collapse.

The other half of what's needed for a livable planet is YOUR DIRECT AND CONSCIOUS INTERACTION WITH NATURE!

You can heal ecological damage--including the effects of fires--by using the Fire Prep andRecovery Whispers® .

Fire Damage Recovery Whispers are available for FREE at

What are Climate Whispers?

Climate Whispers are simple, easy statements (like affirmations, intentions, or prayers) that you convey from your heart and mind. They empower you and help Nature Beings to withstand climate extremes or when there is a disruption happening such as wildfire, cold, bad storms, or drought.

Climate Whispering is an approach to Help Nature by direct interaction: human being to Nature being. You engage directly by getting close to trees, plants, forests, and ecosystems. It's also a deeply satisfying personal experience of connection with some Nature Being.

And, to go further, Climate Whispering provides a set of intuitive communication skills and practical actions that lead to you enlightened stewardship. You learn to come from the tree's or other being's perspective. You get in touch with the Life Force, or "energy", or spirit of that other living beings and forge a partnership.

Aug 27, 2019
Path to a Livable Planet

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