Step 1) Be Open Minded and Heart Centered

To take the path to partnership with Nature, a good place to start is with an open mind and a loving heart. The first idea to embrace is that trees, plants, and Nature Beings are, in fact, alive. They have their own consciousness. This realization--an awakening to spirit in all life--has started to spread in Western culture since the 1930's. And if you are open-minded and heart-centered, you know that.  

(For more information, please read Chapter 4 of Edmund J. Bourne's book Global Shift.)

Step 2) Take Another’s Point of View, Be Nature-Centric    

Are you human-centric?  In other words, do you think about life only from the point of view of being a human being?   Probably you do because it’s natural.

When you are listening to a friend talk about some situation in their lives, it’s probably easy for you to see their perspective. You can come from their point of view.  Compassion and understanding usually results.  

But there is another way.  Beings of Nature such as trees, plants, even insects, and animals are not only alive but have “cognition” according to the scientists who study living systems.  As such, those organisms are intelligent and we believe that they have a point of view.  

You can be Nature-centric. By learning to come from Nature Beings’ points of views—to “walk a mile in their shoes” so to speak—you will be able to understand what their lives are like.  

Example: When you take a tree’s point of view, you can understand what it is like to stand all day with arms raised, to rest all night while drinking water, to have breeze and birds in your hair, and to live within a supportive community of others.  You can try it simply by imagining.  

Step 3) Experience Nature Communication

Nature has intelligence.  That might sound like a bold statement but think about this: In 4 billion years Nature has produced organisms that can forage for resources and distinguish between food and not-food, communicate with each other and cooperate, recognize self verses non-self, determine what their environment is offering, and do cost-benefit analysis.  Humans? Maybe.  

But the Society for Plant Signaling and Behavior says plants can do all that and more.  So Nature has intelligence.  

That means you, as an intelligent Being of Nature, have the inborn ability to communicate with Nature and her living Beings.  Modern culture’s assumptions constrain your capabilities.

Stretch your limits.  Learn to communicate with the intelligence—or spirit—of Nature’s living Beings.  Nature Beings have wonderful stories to tell about themselves!


  • Release old, worn-out ideas about what you can and cannot do.
  • Expand your talents to perceive—hear, see, feel, know.
  • Have confidence in your ability to listen deeply, to envision, to experience, and to understand what Nature Beings want to communicate to humans.

Step 4) Do Whispering

Tree Whispering® and also Climate Whispering® are the simplest, easiest techniques for you to connect at a feeling level with a tree or plant, an ecosystem member, or a climate situation, and then really make a difference.  


Your conscious attention to these empowering messages interacts with the consciousness of the trees and others where you walk. It's your good intentions, your loving heart, and your open mind that makes this work.

For example, use these Healing Whispers below.  

You simply say these messages from your heart to trees and all Beings.  Then, you might receive messages back from the trees. Remember, they are eager to communicate and partner with humanity.

And you can do Climate Whispering, too.

Climate Whispers are also INTENTIONAL MESSAGES CONVEYED FROM THE HEART that EMPOWER YOU and HELP LIVING BEINGS withstand the effects of Climate Change.

Here's an example that may reduce the bad effects of storms: Storm Prep Whispers

For All Ecosystem Members (Plant, Animal, Microscopic organisms, People, and All Others)

  1. Go outside if possible. Say from your heart to a tree or plant. “I care for you.  There is a big storm coming.
  2. “Roots, please grip soil and earth with all your might.
  3. “Trunk, branches, and stems, please be supple and bend like a dancer.
  4. “Leaves, please drop if you can, or become slippery and turn on edge so the wind-driven rain slips past you or any snow slips off.
  5. “Community of Green Beings, please tighten your web of connections.
  6. “Ecosystem, please become connected and interconnected.
  7. “Element of Earth, please hold roots tight.
  8. “Element of Air, please caress, not assault.
  9. “Element of Water, please flow smoothly over.
  10. “Element of Fire, please give strength to the whole.
  11. “Spirit of the Storm, please integrate peacefully with the ecosystem and the Spirit of the Land.
  12. “Spirit of the Land, please meet the Spirit of the Storm with serenity.
  13. “Thank you and thanks to all helpers.”

Written Climate Whispers are available at no cost to you in the Store.

There are Climate Whispers for all sorts of situations: Blizzards, Droughts, Anticipating Wildfire, and more...

Go to Tree Whispering® and also Climate Whispering® in the Blog for detailed information. Go to the Store to download pdfs for free.

Share them with neighbors or friends.

Many people did share and use Storm Prep Whispers prior to Hurricane Sandy's hit on the east coast USA in 2012. Their success stories are in our book: People Saving Trees in Hurricane Sandy.

Climate Whispers were created and written by Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander, and are based on their advanced bioenergy healing work with trees, plants, and ecosystem members since 2003.

Step 5) Collaborate, Co-Create Directly

This step sets the scene for all of the rest of the steps on the Path to Partnership. It's more of an attitude than things to do.

"Collaborate" means to cooperate, co-act, work together and 'go partners.'

To "Co-Create" is the most mutually engaging and respectful thing you can do with another. You consult or share information together. You come to consensus about action steps. The two (or more) of you are working side-by-side. It's a mutual endeavor and the result is your co-creation.

When you intend to collaborate and co-create directly with the living Beings of Nature, you are being NATURE-CENTRIC. In other words, the normal and almost invisible way of being human-centric is consciously set aside for a while and you can not only communicate but also receive Nature's wisdom.

With that attitude, you are ready for the next step.

Step 6: Ask Nature for Info

These people are asking Nature for information about Herself.

What are they asking? They want to know what the trees want and are capable of becoming, and how they can coexist with insects.

Once you have realized that Nature Beings have their own kind of intelligence and then you experienced Nature Communication through your own senses and gut feelings, you can then ask Nature for Information.  

When you open up lines of communication, you really open up your own heart and mind to a broader kind of listening.   Sensory awareness and intuitive knowing is how you’ll get inspiring messages from trees, plants or others about their lives.  

You may even be told something about your own life and how best to enjoy it.  But, you may also find out that many Beings of Nature are as highly stressed as people are these days.  

Nature seeks to thrive in dynamic balance and has answers about how to do that, if people would just come from Her point of view, perceive her stories, ask Her what she needs, then act on her advice.

Why would you want to ask Nature for Information?  

Albert Einstein said (and I’m paraphrasing here): “You can’t solve a problem at the same level of thinking that the problem was created at.”  

When people assume that they have all the answers to the environmental problems that humanity has created on Earth, they assume wrongly because they are trying to solve a problem from the same level where the problems were created: assuming that people could dominate Nature.  

So, people need to raise themselves to a higher level of thinking in order to recognize Nature’s know-how and work in partnership with Her.  One good way to be in partnership is to ask individual Beings of Nature for information about what they need, want, and are capable of becoming.  

So, you have it within your power to get Nature’s advice in order to begin to solve environmental problems from Her point of view.

Step 7) Seek Nature’s Goals

In order to find out what Nature's Goals are, it means going a bit deeper onto the Path to Partnership. People Ask Nature in order to get Her advice and begin to solve environmental problems from Her point of view.  In other words, to be Nature-centric, not human-centric.

People have goals.  People have a design in Spirit and potentials that are inherent to both all of humanity and to their own individual personality. Why shouldn’t Nature Beings have them too?  

Dr. Jim Conroy started in 2003 to develop his advanced bioenergy healing treatments for Nature’s Beings.  His most recent work involves helping Nature Beings to bring such invisible and etheric things as their goals, design ideals, and innate potentials into physical reality.  

In order to restore health, connectivity, flowing of energies, and synergy to the Nature Beings in your backyard or local park, it’s necessary to find out what they really want and need.  People mustn’t assume that they know or that science knows.  

Seeking Nature's Goals asks that you become mindful and get very quiet.

There are some common goals that every Nature Being has: to live, to grow, to be healthy. After that, it depends on the situation.

For example, a tree may have as a goal to be the attractive to everyone who passes by. I'm sure you've walked past trees that just seem to grab your attention and want you do appreciate their beauty. Other trees are very happy to live deep inside the forest and not attract any attention at all. Those trees might want simply to be properly integrated into their tree-network for maximum health.

Step 8) Live and Let Live

Many people get very upset about organisms that they call "invasives" being found in their yards or parks.  They want to kill such organisms. That's part of the predominant paradigm of thinking: domination, control, and superiority of Nature.

The truth is this: Those organisms live in their respective ecosystems now and will never be eradicated. The opportunity is to find a way to rejuvenate the health of all organisms in ecosystems so that they are able to coexist in dynamic balance.

One of the things that living Beings normally want is to be interconnected within their ecosystem and to coexist with all of the ecosystem's other members. In most ecosystems, the living Beings are like orchestra members warming up for the concert.  Each is playing their own tune--there is chaos. So--in the analogy--when an "invasive" organism arrives, it can play its own tune, too. None of the orchestra members are interconnected or coordinating. But, they could be.

If given the right pattern--like sheets of music--all of the orchestra members coordinate and connect to play harmonious music. And--to follow the analogy--an "invasive" organism could fit into that orchestra of the ecosystem without causing disruption. The "invasive" could be in harmony, or dynamic balance.

The Live and Let Live philosophy is a step on the Path to Partnership because killing is not the answer; it only complicates problems because organisms that experience threats against themselves only react defensively and reproduce more.  Adopting the Live and Let Live philosophy can be a stretch, but it is an enlightened approach that will increase the chances of humanity's survival on a healthy and balanced Earth.

Killing is obsolete. With Dr. Jim Conroy's development of the EcoPeace Treaty methodology, people can help Nature Beings become more healthy and make agreements among themselves in order that all organisms survive and thrive IN DYNAMIC BALANCE. The hidden opportunity is that there is a chance to reverse some of the damage in ecosystems both locally and globally.

When you practice the philosophy of Live and Let Live, you respect all organisms and honor their lives. You can also learn how to do a simple EcoPeace Treaty among the unwanted organism, its host, and yourself.

9) Empower Nature

Does Nature need empowering? No. Nature is already empowered... but humanity disempowers Her.

Nature has immense intelligence. Nature has been creating new life forms over and over again for 4 billion+ years. She will prevail ultimately; the planet does not need saving. Nature will continue to be endlessly creative whether or not humanity is living upon Earth's surface.

Humanity is optional on this planet.  There is no "Planet B" for us.

If we all want to have great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren--if we want to have a thriving future as a species--is a decision each and all of us must make.

How is Nature dis-empowered? Nature becomes dis-empowered in situations such as climate extremes. When the weather is unseasonably hot or cold, hotter or colder than normal during the hot or cold seasons, more or less rain than usual, ... you get the idea. Nature Beings have a hard time adapting to the differences and to the extremes. That is why you see so many tree species or whole forests in decline.

If we decide "YES"that we will restore the planet's ability to support human life--then we have to do not only the practical things such as reduce emissions but also use our consciousness to affect a healing.

People can take unconventional actions to HEAL Nature because conventional approaches and even reducing emissions probably won't get the job done in time.

It's up to us--you and me--to do these things:

  • Adopt an “everybody wins” approach—no arrogance or attempts to control Nature, no exploitation, no win/lose scenarios.  Everybody Wins.
  • Do ecological-energy-healing methods for NATURE'S living Beings. That means healing them from the inside-out, while coming from their point of view.
  • Recognize that Nature operates in more than just the physical dimension, and then honor Her multi-dimensional ways of existence.  
  • Combine physical, bioenergy, and dimensional methods that set up a growth cycle rather than a decline cycle within a living Being’s functions. (Don't use products in the hope that living Beings will improve their inner functions by themselves. They are generally too sick for that now.)

Empowering Nature is the mutual collaboration that seeks to offer.

People underestimate their own creativity and their own abilities. By following any or all of the steps on the path to partnership, HEALING ECOLOGICAL DAMAGE by USING CONSCIOUSNESS is possible!

Step 10) Evolve Consciously

HOW Can You Use Consciousness?

  • It starts with finding your own open-mindedness and heart-centeredness. Allow yourself to adopt something unconventional.
  • Come from Nature's point of view. She has her own perspective and her own wisdom. Imagine putting yourself in some living Being's feet-roots-fins-or-wings.
  • Then, get into communication with Nature Beings. Talk with trees, receive their messages, and experience deep connection. Commune with life!
  • It's about mindfulness--being quiet and concentrating as you use your focus to offer Healing Whispers® or other ecological-energy-medicine methods to Nature Beings right in your own space.
  • Find out what those living Being's needs are; find out what they want to become by asking them. They'll answer if you'll listen. Usually living beings just want to live and let live; be connected and interconnected.
  • By taking some classes, you may also be able to provide Nature Beings with advanced network patterns of information so that they can heal themselves.
  • Then, you can always ask Nature for information about collaborating for best way to do what you want to do, as long as that also meets Nature's needs.
  • Your own consciousness will benefit from the use--from exercising it--and you will evolve into a higher YOU.

Steps on the Healing Path:

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Jan 31, 2022
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