Fundamental concepts that underpin our Partner With Nature message are these:

  1. All life is sacred.
  2. We humans can learn to come from a Nature Being’s Point of View…and in doing so...
  3. …we can ASK Nature for Her advice about how to solve the ecological problems in our backyards as well as in local and global ecosystems.  It’s a co-creative approach.
  4. Then, we take actions IN PARTNERSHIP with the intelligence and Beings of Nature so that there is an assured and sustainable future for all life on Earth.  

Yes, asking trees is the best start!!  Trees are the leaders of Nature.  

Results available when you Partner With Nature

  • For People: personal well-being, inner balance, enjoyment, satisfaction, inner healing, transformative--even spiritual-- experiences, and ecological solutions and ultimately, a prosperous world.
  • For Beings of Nature: connection and flow, health, balance within and between all, restored growth and ability to feed themselves, interconnectivity, emergence into a new whole.
  • For People and Beings of Nature: restoring forest and ecological health, peaceful co-existence among all, and a livable planet.

How do we work?

(1) Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander provide advanced energy-medicine healing work for clients and also philanthropically in local and regional areas all over the planet.

(2) Inspire leading-edge thought and new activities for people to co-create a better FUTURE for all life on Earth.  

  • Leading edge thought is found everywhere on this website, in our writings and teachings...
  • New activities flow from upgraded thinking.

Easy Simple things anyone can do: Climate Whispering® and Tree Whispering®

  • Help Nature withstand the effects of climate change by using simply, easy Healing and Climate Whispers®
  • De-stress. Connect deeply with Life Force. Feel refreshed and empowered (no longer helpless in the face of the climate crisis.)
  • Help to co-create a livable planet for yourself and future generations by doing holistic, practical chores.

Our Main Missions: (click to see all 6 missions)

  1. Heal Ecological Damage with the power of the heart and mind by directly communicating, collaborating, and co-creating with Nature’s living Beings so that all can thrive on a livable planet.
  2. Our mission is to elevate the current cultural human framework-of-thought out of the mire of control, domination, and superiority and raise it up to ideas and practices of collaboration, partnership, and equality. Shift people’s actions to “Partnering with Nature” through use of Whispers® and other kinds of communication, collaboration, and co-creation with Nature’s Living Beings

Nov 18, 2021
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