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COMBO SPECIAL: Both Tree Whispering Books

Both Tree Whispering books give you twice the connection with your beloved trees!

Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover's Guide

Celebrate your love of trees by touching, healing, and communicating with trees, plants, and all of Nature. Full of anecdotes that delight, science that informs, advice that guides, and invitations to share hearty moments of affinity with trees and all of Nature's living Beings.

You already know that trees are alive! You'll be amazed to find out about the extent of their wisdom and intelligence.

Your journey to Tree Whispering begins by developing intuitive communication skills so that you can know what a tree's life is like--as if you were standing in its roots. The adventure takes you all the way to helping your beloved trees become more healthy. Along that pleasant path, you'l hear about others' experiences and try the exercises yourself. You may feel a bond to your own core self.

Tree Whispering is a holistic and intuitive approach to collaborating with Nature that’s grounded in new sciences. “Whispers” are intentional messages conveyed from your heart to the heart of Nature to help trees, plants, other living Beings and yourself survive and thrive.

  • Tree Whispering helps you become a better protector of Earth.  
  • You’ll learn why wise and sustainable approaches such as “coming from the plant’s point of view” and “live and let live”  have wide-spread positive consequences in the environment.
  • Feel your spirit lifted and hope restored as the vision of dynamic balance in forests and ecosystems unfolds.
  • Expand your well-being while learning hands-on bioenergy-based methods that help trees grow more vigorously.

Tree Whispering: Trust the Path

A quiet walk in the woods becomes a fascinating journey when you use these calming and inspiring exercises with trees and plants.

Validate your deep connection with Nature and your core self.  Step-by-step, gain the experience to trust the path of your expanding perceptions.

Well-being and appreciation deepens.  And, when Nature has a message, there is ample space to capture it in writing. Directions are included that help people help their trees become more healthy.  Pages display wise quotes and insightful advice from graduates of Tree Whispering® workshops.

Convenient to take anywhere––especially into parks or backyards––this Notebook and Journal is small, light-weight, and spiral bound for easy opening, carrying, reading, and adding entries.


Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander are Nature Communication experts, forging the path to partnering with Nature since 2002. They are visionary Nature communication experts.  In a few concise and well-illustrated pages, they encourage reader’s confidence in developing intuition. They explain how and why Tree Whispering® is possible and important for restoring the health of trees, plants, and ecosystems.