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"Big ideas?" Yup. We got 'um.

So, About the Future...

The "New Normal" of our own making--What should its components be?

Research: From Dr. Jim Conroy's Point of View

Here are the fundamental concepts that I use when I do my research.

Enlightened Stewardship: Move from "me" to "we" for forest communities

How do you move from "me" to "we" in the care of our forest communities?

What do we mean by a Network of Ideas?

Interlocking ideas are the basis for all of's approaches and philosophies.

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, and CoCreate are the WAYS to Partner and Restore a Livable Planet

The 4 C's (Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, CoCreate) lead you to directly engage with Nature's energy, power, and intelligence. They are the WAY to partner with Nature and to restoring a livable planet.

Talk on Video: Establishing Peace in Nature

A short talk about bringing Peace into Nature and Humanity.

Video: A MUTUALLY SUPPORTIVE relationship with WATER? Can people do it?

Can people recognized that the ELEMENT of WATER needs something from them? If they did, could droughts be less severe?