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Jim Conroy, PhD, The Tree Whisperer®

Results & Insights from Dr. Jim

Research: From Dr. Jim Conroy's Point of View

Here are the fundamental concepts that I use when I do my research.
Results & Insights from Dr. Jim

Research: Saving Big Old Trees

Everybody loves those big old trees. They are so majestic and wise. But, like human counterparts, they can get stressed or sick. Dr. Jim Conroy's advanced bioenergy and consciousness methods help these trees regain inner functionality.
Results & Insights from Dr. Jim

Research: Trees with Phytophthora Organisms

Trees can show signs of "bleeding canker" when they are stresses or sick. Organisms that usually live in the soil find their way up onto the bark to live a different stage of their lives. However they can live full-time in the soil and NOT harm the tree.
What Do We Mean by... ?

AUDIO: Interview By Carol Behan, April of 2015

What's Tree Whispering all about about? Carol askes.... and Jim tells lots of stories! This interview was conducted in April of 2015.
Results & Insights from Dr. Jim

Research: Deer and Gardens (Videos)

Deer are considered pests for eating garden plants. But like other mammals, they can learn and their species-intelligence can make them into collaborators in the garden. Our EcoPeace Treaty with the Deer and garden plants is amazing.
Results & Insights from Dr. Jim

Research: Lodgepole Pine Trees and Bark Beetle

Our longest running research study started in 2007 and continues to this day. We are helping selected forested areas in Colorado maintain health during and after the Pine Bark Beetle infestation...and again as fires raged in 2020.
Results & Insights from Dr. Jim

Research: Emerald Ash Borer and Ash Trees

An insect from China is blamed for the mass death of Ash trees in the US. Dr. Jim Conroy asked their species consciousness about that. "The Emerald Ash Borer expressed to me, 'We don’t want to kill the Ash trees; Ash trees are our food.'"
Enlightened Stewardship

Video: Experimenting with an EcoPeace Treaty with Deer

Experimenting with the leading edge of the new methods: Mediating an EcoPeace Treaty with Deer!