What is the other half of action that’s needed to restore a livable planet?  

Direct, mindful interplay with the heart and wisdom of Nature will heal ecological damage and restore livability on this fragile planet.  

PartnerWithNature.org's simple, pleasurable, and easy methods are the other half of what's needed to avoid environmental collapse and restore a habitable planet for future generations.

Now people can learn to upgrade their thinking, communicate, collaborate, and co-create—in other words—to partner with Nature.

Since trees and all Nature Beings are already sick and stressed, people can communicate, collaborate, and co-create directly with the Beings of Nature to help them recover.  They need our help to be healed from the inside-out.

Innovative holistic approaches of the caring heart, open mind, and deep soul can heal trees and ecological damage. The methods use quiet focus, bio-energy overlap, and ecological energy-medicine.  We call it "Whispering®".   No products or technologies are needed!  

Use the Healing Whispers® anytime. They are available at the "JOIN AND RECEIVE" button below for FREE. Various Climate Whispers® are also available at the store at NO COST.

Whispering will delight you, empower YOU, and heal Nature!  How?  The power of your heart and mind impacts trees and other Nature Beings who need healing and balance so they can withstand extremes of climate change.

When you engage directly with trees or other Nature beings to restore environmental wellness, it is an enjoyable and inspirational experience of personal healing and empowerment.  You can do  Whispers by yourself or in a group.

Move from thinking “me” to believing “we!”

Partner With Nature!