Be a Tree Protector

You love trees, right?  You enjoy them on walks. You don’t like to see them get sick.  You don’t like to see them cut down.   If you knew how, wouldn’t you do something to save a tree in trouble?

Perhaps you are already a Tree Protector.  

Who are Tree Protectors?

People just like you!

Tree Protectors are tree lovers, visionaries, adventurers, naturalists, environmentalists, creatives, do-it-yourselfers, holistic life-stylers, respectful of the sacred in Nature, and have a long-range worldview. 

Tree Protectors feel called to Partner with Nature because when they cooperate with the innate wisdom of Nature, every living Being on the planet wins!

What do Tree Protectors Do?

Tree Protectors cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with trees and forests. It’s one of the most fun ways to PARTNER WITH NATURE. 

Tree Protectors celebrate trees in every way. 

They also can save imperiled existing older trees, new plantings, and other ecosystem members by 

  1. practicing the mindful healing techniques we call WHISPERS.  (also read more about them as methodologies.)
  2. using the respectful approaches we call HOLISTIC CHORES.

Being aTree Protector means coming from the tree’s point of view (taking the tree’s perspective) and standing “in the tree’s roots” (going into it’s world.) 

Tree Protector® Blog

There is a wealth of information and suggestions about being a Tree Protector in's BLOG.

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The Tree Protector Initiative of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance

The Tree Protector Initiative of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance moves the frank talk about trees and ecosystems that are sick, hurt, or in trouble into the realm of anybody-can-do-it holistic ecological solutions.  The Tree Protector Initiative of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance doesn’t prescribe behaviors or tell people how to  control Nature with human-centric ideas or actions. All approaches are designed to be tree-centric or plant-centric.

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