What is "Tree Whispering?"

"Whispering" is making contact with another living Being--such as a tree, plant, insect, micro-organism, animal, or other--in order to share communication. Science has proven that all living systems have cognition (a form of intelligence), thus you and they can communicate.
  • Whispering is a special kind of relationship with Nature Beings. It's about being gentle and respectful to another living and intelligent Being.
  • When you Whisper, you have a personal experience of connection. For some, it's even a spirited experience.
  • You step inside their world and come from their point of view. It's kinda like standing in their roots or feet.
  • When you are close to another Being, you form a bond, a partnership.
  • You give and receive. The Nature Being may have a message for you. And you may provide Healing Whispers® to them so they can heal themselves.
  • If you enjoy all that, you can go further to learn a set of skills and practical actions.
Woman using a sheet of printed Healing Whispers. She is using her conscious attention and intention to give those healing messages to the tree.

Healing Whispers®...

... are intentional messages that you convey from your heart and through your consciousness that empower you and help Nature Beings to grow, connect, and thrive. These are simple, easy statements (affirmations, intentions, or kinda-like prayers) you give to Nature Beings as their partner.

The Healing Whispers® and other forms of Tree Whispering have their foundation in "energy" therapies as well as in shamanistic and other consciousness practices. They are used to help trees, plants and other ecosystem members heal their inner functionality and health.

When you provide the simple easy Healing Whispers messages to them by using your conscious attention and intention, they get the bio-energy and information they need to correct their own blockages and imbalances.

...are like energy medicine for people. Have you ever heard of or received Reiki®, Touch for Health, or The BodyTalk System®? Those and other systems are forms of either "touch" or "energy" healing that are being used as complements to conventional medicine in many hospitals.

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It may be called "Tree Whispering®" ... but it's not just for trees.

Success Story

Many people did share and use Storm Prep Whispers prior to Hurricane Sandy's hit on the east coast USA in 2012. Their success stories are in our book: People Saving Trees in Hurricane Sandy.

Climate Whispers were created and written by Dr. Jim Conroy and Ms. Basia Alexander, and are based on their advanced bioenergy healing work with trees, plants, and ecosystem members since 2003.

Dr. Jim Conroy and a client doing Climate Whispering prior to Hurricane Sandy's arrival.