Fun Ways and Walks

A rousing walk in the forest is good for you...and can be good for the trees and the whole forest, too.

We are training leaders to lead Forest Restoring Walks.

Forest Restoring Walks are a step beyond the popular practices of Forest Bathing or just going for a rejuvenating walk or hike.  

Forest Restoring Walks asks people to give back to Nature.  People can help trees, plants, and forests to regain health and strength through simple, easy “whispering” processes that they can do while they walk, “forest-bathe”, or hike in a park or forest.

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There are so many ways to enjoy Nature while you are in Partnership.

Please scroll down to see these fun ways (and then share on social media with the hashtag.)

  • #ThankATree or #ThankAPlant
  • #WatchItGrow
  • #YearofSeedling
  • #VisitBigTrees
  • #VisitSacredTrees
  • #RingAroundTrees
  • #FamilyFunWithTrees
  • #TreeAndMe
  • #TreeCelebrations
  • ... And Ways to Add Your Creativity

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#ThankATree or #ThankAPlant

#Watch It Grow --or-- #YearOfSeedling

Keep a sharp watch for seedlings in your garden, backyard, or park.

When you find one--and think you can find it again--take a photo. Note exactly where you were standing and at what angle you took the picture. If you can return often, you can make your own gallery or slide show and #WatchItGrow. Please share it with us!

#VisitBigTrees --or-- #VisitSacredTrees

What is more amazing than a big old tree? Visit them. You can do a search on the "Champion" trees in your state.

This Champion Sycamore tree is in Sunderland, Massachusetts.


Go out with friends. #VisitBigTrees and take a photo while you make a ring around the big tree.

This wonderful big tree is on the Delaware Valley University campus.


With your family, #VisitBigTrees and take a photo while you make a #RingAroungTrees.

This amazing Giant Sequoia is in the California Big Trees State Park in Calavaras County, CA.


Take a photo of yourself with your favorite tree. You'll enjoy the visit and we would love to see it!


Add Your Creativity : Writing. Singing. Painting. Anything!

Do whatever you want that's about Partnering with Nature or Trees
And share it with us. Email it to Basia at