Tell a New Story.... About a Transformed World

What could the stories be?

Everyone has an amazing story about Nature. Perhaps it's about their favorite tree, or a bird singing at just the right moment.

Some people receive wise messages from the intelligence in Nature.

Many people have had Climate Whispering successes. Some were after Hurricane Sandy. Others were after blizzards or droughts.

You must have a story that you can share about your love of trees, some experience when you went for a walk in the forest, or about a real partnership with a Nature Being.

Your Stories May Fall into any of these Categories:

  • Any Amazing Story about You and Nature
  • Your Love of Nature
  • ---or----
  • Your vision for the kind of world you want to live in
  • Message from trees
  • Stories about Tree Whispering
  • Climate Whispering successes
  • Accounts of partnerships with Nature

Sharing Stories

You can share your story over dinner with a friend. Choose someone who can enjoy hearing it, especially if your story is amazing in some way.


You can share your stories with us!

Write them up. Send a photo, if possible. Do a short video about your experience. We'll post them in the Blog.

Email them to ----- Whispers at

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