Basia Alexander

Dear Reader,

I believe that you and I are alike: We both want to make a difference on this fragile planet so that everyone--Nature and humanity alike--can be healthy, live together, thrive, and become more than we currently are.

This carefully crafted website contains more than just information because information is empty and meaningless unless you DO something with it.

Scroll down a bit and I'll tell you what I envision for this world.

Scroll down a bit more and you'll find just a few appetizers of upshifted ideas. There are platefuls of them in the blog category: Upshifted Ideas.
Everything you need is here to become a Partner With Nature.

I envision a world where...

...humanity awakens and the planet is livable again.

Perhaps better late than never, I believe people will realize that the contents of their thoughts creates their world. And if they don't like their world, they have to change their thoughts to create a better one. It's a simple and ancient principle.

So thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can UPSHIFT:
• fear >> faith, positive outlooks
• anger >> movement to action
• resentment >> release and renewal
• believing "not enough" >> "sufficiency"
• greed >> generosity

Humanity is going through a growth stage now, making the passage from wild adolescence to adulthood on the planet. But like many teenagers, humanity has been reckless.

What's possible, potential, even inevitable, is that people awaken to their personal empowerment as individuals and their unity as a species on this fragile planet--our only home.

And so, I envision a world where people partner with Nature, partner with each other, and show
• honor and integrity
• truth and loyalty
• courage and kindness
to each other and to every living Being on the planet.

To midwife the shift of human consciousness to a higher level of thought: That is why I do this work.

I invite you to join me in taking action toward this vision.

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A tray-full of appetizers from Category: Upshifted Ideas

Here are  single ideas that are so startling that you have to really think about them. Old assumptions need to be questioned, re-evaluated, possibly released and replaced with greater truths. Release old assumptions so that the truth of the new idea can root like the seed of a Giant Sequoia.
  • Everything is alive. All life is sacred. Living Beings have consciousness.
  • People can learn to come from the plant's point of view, people can take Nature's perspective.
  • Co-Creativity is a mutual, reciprocal, collaborative approach.
  • People are not powerless.
  • Collaborating with the profound intelligence in Nature is the only way for humanity to co-create healthy and sustainable ecosystems for assurance of a livable future on Earth. Collaborate by asking questions.
  • Trees, plants, and all ecosystem members are stressed or in decline. They can be healed from the inside-out through bioenergy and consciousness overlap so that their inner functionality is restored.
  • People can ask Nature for Her advice about how to solve ecological problems in their own backyards as well as globally.
  • Empowered thinking spreads, then the world changes.
Upshifted thinking is network of many inter-linked ideas.
Albert Einstein: we can't solve our current problems with the same kind of thinking we used to create those problems.