Partnering With Nature

for a Livable Planet

Partnering With Nature means communicating with the wisdom in Nature, collaborating as an equal, co-creating a livable planet.

At, you've come "home" to a place where your value for Nature is honored and your desires for a livable planet become possible.

What's for you? Here, you can become an enlightened steward of your land, experience empowerment, gain skills, be inspired, be spiritually uplifted, and be consciously engaged as a partner with Nature. Everything you need is here to become or expand as a Partner With Nature.  

What's underneath our ideas? We believe that there is a consciousness in all Beings of Nature that wants the same things we humans do: to live and be healthy, be strong, and grow.

What makes us different?
Click here for the 6 COMPASSION AND ACTION ideas that set apart from any other site that says they love Nature or have a solution to environmental issues.   

What are YOU
doing here?

You're here because you want to live on a healthy planet and are you willing to think outside-of-the-box.  

  • You're here to experience deep, meaningful connection with Nature.
  • To learn about leading edge ideas and enlightened methods that create lasting healing and transformation on Earth for both people and for Nature Beings.
  • And you're here to join with like-minded and like-hearted others who want a positive future on a livable planet.

You're here because you realize that you -- and humanity -- need to upgrade thoughts and actions if people and living beings of Nature are going to thrive together in the future.

This website is also where you’ll learn about leading edge ideas and breakthroughs for the rejuvenation of Nature. 

Is this you?

  • Loves trees and Nature; has a sense of awe and wonder. 
  • Feels a deep connection with all life and wants to expand that feeling.
  • Are “into” discovery and innovation, especially about what is beneath the surface.
  • Believes that both science and Spirit offer solutions to humanity’s environmental problems.
  • Seeks freedom and peace—both within and between.
  • Lives by the “golden rule” (or do your best.) 
  • Willing to trust, be in the present moment, and do the next right thing.  

Reduce emissions and do other practical things?

Yes, of course.
But that’s only half of what’s needed to restore
a livable planet.

What’s the other half?  

HEALING ecological damage and UPSHIFTING the human framework of thought.
By UPSHIFTING people's thinking to a higher level, the potential of HEALING environmental problems arises.  

At, visitors
• learn to communicate, collaborate, and cocreate directly with the Beings of Nature to HEAL them from the inside-out, and be empowered and healed at the same time.

• gain insight into how to protect trees and become enlightened stewards of their land and of Earth

• become inspired to design a positive future on a livable planet

• discover the kind of thinking that caused  environmental crisis then move to a higher level of thought and practical actions.

• experience empowerment, enjoyment and be spiritually uplifted through conscious engagement with the living Beings of Nature.  

We offer innovative and holistic approaches of the caring heart, open mind, and deep soul. Many of our offerings are FREE.

Move from thinking “me” to believing “we!”
Communicate, collaborate, and co-create—in other words—PARTNER with Nature.

Signed, Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander, co-founders of