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Connect and collaborate with trees, plants, and forests.

The whole planet is in Climate xTREEmz Emergencies: drought, excess heat, potential for fire!

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As a partner with Nature, you'll let trees and Nature be your guide.

  • Collaborate toward restoring a healthier ecosystem for yourself and a livable planet for all.
  • HEAL trees, heal climate change damage, and heal yourself.

At, you've come "home." Your value for trees and Nature is honored and your desires for a livable planet become possible.

You and your trees becoming a team?

Something’s gotta give.  You’re stretched too thin.  But, it doesn’t work for you anymore to be too busy not to ‘smell the roses’ or touch a tree.  You can’t hire that out.  That would be missing the point.  You need to touch a tree yourself.  You and your trees (and land) need to join forces as a team if you’re going to de-stress and they are going to regenerate.  

By touching a tree, you can slow down and breathe, be curious, see the bigger picture, recover lost health, and get in tune with life. And that works for trees, too.  Trees everywhere are stressed from climate extremes, are declining.  They need your conscious attention if they are going to become healthy again.  

Trees want to be YOUR partners.  They have real advice to offer, if you’ll just learn to listen.  But they have urgent health needs that only YOU can provide--but we don’t mean products or pruning.  Their health needs are the kind that require YOUR touch, YOUR caring words and thoughts…while you are receiving benefits from them.  

It’s mutual.  You and your trees can become partners for the give and take of teamwork. 

They are sentient, spirited, conscious beings—called by Indigenous peoples “the standing ones”—who have answers for people, more than just taking up carbon.  

Put your trees on your team. Let Nature be your guide.  You’ll feel something new: an alliance with Life Force itself.  You’ll think differently, make better choices, and expand into un-dreamed-of possibilities. 

Your trees will thank you for increasing their tolerance to climate extremes, will fulfill their individual and species goals, and pitch in to restore livability to the planet. 

Is this you?

  • You love trees and Nature; you have a sense of awe and wonder and are willing to think outside-of-the-box. 
  • Are “into” discovery and innovation. Want to learn leading edge ideas and practices so that people and Nature can thrive together into the future. 
  • Want to join with like-minded and like-hearted others who want a livable planet.
  • Believe that both science and Spirit offer solutions to humanity’s environmental problems.
  • Want to face your world with more inner strength, quiet, courage and peace—both within yourself and between you and others.
  • Feel a deep connection with all Life and want to expand that feeling by learning enlightened methods that create lasting healing and transformation on Earth for both people and for Nature Beings.

Special Skills?
Fears about Future?
Climate Dangers?
What if?
Science based?


Questions you may have...


Do I have to have special skills to be a partner with Nature?

NO.  Just the way you are is fine for becoming a partner with Nature.  

You simply decide that you will act in partnership.  

That can mean doing any or all of these things:

  1. Respecting plants, trees, forests and all Nature Beings as living (even sentient) beings. 
  2. Thinking about whatever you are doing and asking yourself whether it will have a negative impact on trees, plants, ecosystems, forests… 
  3. Putting yourself inside a tree’s world.  Imagine standing in its roots, trying to see the world through its ‘eyes’, imagining what its life is like. 
  4. Having MUTUAL encounters with trees.  For example, when you feel peaceful walking in a forest you can “give back” by offering your attention, caring, love, or whispers to the trees.  
  5. Experiencing the 4Cs:  Connecting:  Like “dancing” with a tree, with plants, or other living beings.  Dancing is the art of mutually coordinating with an equal. Communicating:  Feeling childlike and using your imagination to exchange messages with a tree. Collaborating:  Recognizing the deep intelligence in Nature then asking questions to a tree or plant. Co-Creating:  Doing whatever wise thing the tree or plant suggests for both you and them.  This can lead to restoring a livable planet. 
  6. Letting Nature be your guide.  When you want to do something with a tree or plant, let it tell you what it needs.  

How will partnering with Nature bring a better future?

In the last several hundred years, many people’s controlling and dominating actions toward Nature have resulted in the ecological damage and climate extremes that are putting humanity’s future in jeopardy. 

If each individual will only see the living Beings of Nature—trees, plants, forests, animals, and all others—as beings worthy of respect and as equals, then behaviors will change. Similar to being a partner with another person—behaving as a partner to Nature asks for an acknowledgement of the value of the other, asks for courtesy, cooperation, and coordination.  

By behaving in respectful, courteous, and cooperative ways, everything in daily life and on the planet will become better.  A history of negativity or obstacles is just that, history. 

The future can be newly envisioned and newly created.  It’s a future each person must build through an enlightened mindset and positive actions every day.  

Am I helpless in the face of these huge climate dangers like drought, fire, or storms and flooding?

No.  You can be empowered to make a difference in your own backyard and your local parks. 

We are not talking about becoming a political activist, although civic action is important.  

Just because a tree is green doesn’t mean it’s healthy.  Climate extremes have already compromised tree and forest health world-wide.  By bringing specific Mindful Methods™ into your mind or consciousness while you are focusing your attention on your trees does have a healing action.  

The healing effects of Mindful Methods help to strengthen the INNER FUNCTIONALITY and the INTERCONNECTIVITY of trees, forests, and ecosystems.  

What we mean is that learning and practicing mindful methods can make a difference. Your use of Mindful Methods can HEAL trees and forests so that they might be better able to withstand climate extremes... and even heal YOU and the planet.  

And in doing so, you will feel empowered!  

Many people have already used our Mindful Methods so we wrote a book about it: People Saving their Trees in Hurricane Sandy.  And more people are taking our various Mend ClimXTREEmz courses to learn to help their trees survive climate extremes such as drought, fire, and others... and to empower themselves.  

What if people see me touching or talking with a tree?

If you are afraid of other people’s judgement, you don’t have to touch or talk with the tree.  You can  stand or sit near it with a peaceful smile on your face. People will simply think that you are enjoying Nature.  Others will never know that you are in a caring relationship with that tree.  

If you are brave, you might ask them to join you in that wonderful tactile experience of feeling a tree’s bark with your fingertips.  It’s a de-stressing, relaxing experience.  It can bring out the child-like joy of playfulness in you and in them. 

We are not suggesting “hugging” a tree.  Although, if you have feelings of sensitivity in your body or your caring-heart, you may enjoy doing that. 

But simply being NEAR a tree means that your proven and measured radiant bio-field and the tree’s radiant bio-field are overlapping.  And that can also be pleasant, relaxing, joyous.  

And you don’t have to talk out loud.  Just THINKING good thoughts, or holding a positive image in mind while you are near a tree can be uplifting for both you and the tree’s consciousness.  They are sentient beings, just different from us.  

Is partnering with Nature based on science?

Yes and More.  

Yes: Scientists who belong to the Society for Plant Signaling and Behavior  ( have written countless papers and books about the intelligence in the Plant Kingdom.  These are their findings:

"Plants accurately compute inputs from the environment, use sophisticated cost-benefit analysis, and take action to mitigate diverse environmental insults. Plants are also capable of refined recognition of self and non-self, and are territorial in behavior. This view sees plants as information processing organisms with complex, long-distance communication systems within the plant body and extending into the surrounding ecosystem.”

So, partnering with a fellow being on earth is no longer restricted to other humans. Anyone can partner as sentient to sentient.  

And how is that done?  Through the 4Cs:  Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, Co-Create.  


Once a person recognizes that trees, plants, forests, and all Nature beings are valuable living beings, often what arises is a sense of deep appreciation that goes beyond the rigors of science.  People want to become partners with Nature Beings because all of us on this planet share Life Energy and Spirit.  

Then, it is very natural for most people to feel a sense of inspiration or sometimes duty to care for this planet and all of its inhabitants in more responsible, sustainable, and healing ways.  Thus, people become parters with Nature.  

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