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PartnerWithNature.org takes a stand for decency, honesty, and equality.

We affirm our deeply held commitment to openness.

We respect and accept all races, sexual orientations, ages, and other positive affiliations when welcoming people into our classes and our work.

We abhor any cultural and political expressions of disregard for human life and attempts to control, dominate, and be superior to others.

That domination is what people do to Nature. We seek to reverse that approach through this website, in our work, and in our way of lives.

Recent cultural and political actions are expressions of the old paradigm: domination, control, superiority.

They are expressions of a centuries-old mindset or framework of thought that we seek to make obsolete by taking positive actions to foster the new paradigm: collaboration between people and with Nature.

We do not attack the old paradigm. We simply want to show a better way.

Co-founders Ms. Basia Alexander and Dr. Jim Conroy
June 3, 2020

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Think that one person can’t make a difference to restore Nature’s health and balance on this fragile planet? 

Think again. People—you, me, everyone— we ourselves can HEAL the damage already done to Nature and upgrade our thinking at the same time! 

Humanity is learning that it can't try to control or exploit Nature endlessly.


The easiest, simplest thing you can do to help trees and other Nature beings is to whisper powerful words on behalf of trees and all of Nature's living Beings. Healing Whispers® are effective and powerful messages  (mindful statements, affirmations--kinda like prayers)  that you convey from your heart and mind to trees and Nature’s other living Beings anywhere.  The power of your focused attention and mindfulness HEALS them and EMPOWERS you.  

RECEIVE A POWERFUL TOOL: Healing Whispers from me, Basia Alexander, and from co-founder, Dr. Jim Conroy.

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